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October 20, 2004

Powers of Procrastination

My brother did me a huge favour the other day. Of course, nothing in life is free. To reciprocate, I was roped in to do some typing for him, which is due in at his school tomorrow. I fully intended to start it this afternoon, so that it could be finished and ready for him when he got home this evening.

But the best laid plans often have a way of going haywire. I had just turned on the computer when I realised that my room was looking slightly messy and concluded that I must tidy it up, as it would enable me to concentrate on the task at hand. So, it was decided that I should first clean my room. As I tidied my cupboard, I came across some old childhood photographs, which brought back a gush of bittersweet memories. To really get myself into the mood, I decided to play some songs from that era. As I looked through the songs on my computer, I realised that the songs in my playlist were in a haphazard order and that I really must sort them out into folders according to mood. As I commenced this, it occurred to me that I had left my Honour Among Thieves paperback in my car and must retrieve it, so that I could read it later on in the evening. As I dashed off to my car, I was intercepted by my grandmother who pointed out that since I was on my way out, I might as well buy those groceries she needed. So, off I went to buy her groceries. On my way, I ran into an old school friend whom I never bothered keeping in touch with because we simply had nothing in common. Apparently, distance does make the heart grow fonder. We talked about good (and bad times) for over an hour and parted with promises to stay in touch henceforth.

Once I retrived my paperback and purchased the groceries, I strolled home at a leisurely pace. Once home, I finished the sorting out the million songs I have accumulated (read illegally downloaded) on my computer and clearing up my room. At this point I realised that I hadn't updated my blog in two days and I really should get down to it.

So, here I am! Six hours down the line, I have managed not to complete the task I originally set out to do. However, my room is clean, my songs neatly sorted out according to mood (it really is a work of art!) and my grandmother has her groceries. Oh yeah, and my blog will be updated with this post shortly. I really should get down to my brother's typing - I did promise him that I would do it. But first, I think I'll read my book for a while...

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Posted by: Zoo | Oct 24, 2004 3:55:37 PM

Eventually, your brother will find out that God created sisters because they need pampering by their brothers. It is never the other way round. :-)

Posted by: Alka | Oct 23, 2004 5:21:52 PM

Tina, some things never change. Stagnancy is sometimes a good thing...;-).

MV, I did it eventually. Even though it involved my having to burn the midnight oil and losing my beauty sleep :-P.

NJ, he's not a bichara at all. He is maha chaalaak!!

Lucidly Awake, you have the hit the nail on the head. Maybe you ought to consider going into Psychology..??

Nia, thanks for adding me to your 'Blogs I Read' section. I'm so chuffed :-D!

Vatsa, I think it must be an Arian tendency!! Or a 16th-April-born tendency??

Posted by: Arian | Oct 21, 2004 2:39:21 PM

ahhh...the powers of procrastination....i am supposed to be studying right now, but felt that i should just have a quick visit to ur blog. did that, and thought, hey, i have been meaning to read honour among thieves for a while now, i definitely need to go get that today.....and i definitely need to sort out my playlist too....

Posted by: Vatsa | Oct 21, 2004 12:34:15 AM

I stopped downloading songs once I discovered streamloading. Nothing like it! Great post. I've added you to my Blogs I Read section. Remind me to never ask you to type something for me. :)

Posted by: Nia | Oct 21, 2004 12:33:30 AM

kinda feel sorry for your brother.. ;-)

about procastination, have you noticed that doing everything (except what you are supposed to) seems so 'right'???

Posted by: Lucidly Awake | Oct 20, 2004 10:07:17 PM

Arreh, Bichara bhai. I hope you have doen his work now

Posted by: NJ | Oct 20, 2004 7:40:15 PM

Yeees...and still waiting for the typing to be done. Cough Cough Hint Hint...

Posted by: MV | Oct 20, 2004 4:57:59 PM

Dips..you'll never change!!

Posted by: Tina | Oct 20, 2004 3:07:00 PM

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