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January 26, 2005

Canine Blues

I used to be absolutely terrified of dogs. When I was about 6 years old, my family set out to visit my relatives' house in some remote village. They had an enormous mansion surrounded by a garden, which boasted of almost every variety of fruit, flower and vegetable my six-year old brain had ever heard of! To my chagrin, the family also appeared to have an abnormally large collection of pets, or so it seemed to the hardcore city girl that I was - the small pond past the rear veranda housed a school of goldfish, three tortoise lazily walked the length of the garden by day, their supposedly pet snake who frequented the extensive shrubbery entwined around the iron gates (although my cousin ceased to think of it as a pet after it bit one of her rabbits), 5 rabbits (one dead) and, to my extreme horror, three mean-looking dogs.

The other pets weren't too much of a worry for me, as I didn't have the misfortune to spend much time in close proximity with them. But the darned dogs strutted around the house as if it were their personal palace. Naturally, their curiosity was aroused at the new arrivals at the house and, being the smallest, I was their primary target. I chuckle now when I recall the hell those dogs put me through. The more I ran from them, the more they chased me. My aunt later informed me that they thought I was playing a game with them - dumb dogs, I thought they were supposed to be able to smell fear! They chewed my shoes, nipped my toes under the dining table and ate my essay on 'My Week in the Village'. By the end of the trip, I was entertaining murderous thoughts.

That was just my first trip. The more I visited my relatives' house in the village, the fonder I grew of the dogs. I learned to put my fear aside and accept that they were lovable beings that just wanted to be indulged.

At the end of that year, my best friend and neighbour, Nicole, got a dog for her birthday. Daisy was the cutest little puppy I had ever seen. Nicole and I spent many a evening walking Daisy in the huge compound that housed our building along with 5 others. I begged my parents for a dog of my own but, despite the numerous assurances, I never did get one. Nine years later, when my family and I moved away, it felt as though I was leaving my own pet behind.

Today, I really do miss having a dog around. My family absolutely will not permit me to have a dog for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, there aren't any dogs in my vicinity that I can be an honorary owner of, as with Daisy. I dream of the day when I will have my own place and can have as many dogs as I please. Until then, I'll just write about it ;-).

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hey girl,
i feel ur pain...i would love to have a dog of my own, i have always wanted to do so since i was a kid....but my parents wouldnt have a bar of it! so yeah, i guess its wait till i get my own place! :-)

Posted by: Vatsa | Feb 20, 2005 11:02:32 PM

u must have photographic memory woman...that u remember exactly wht happened when u were 6 years old. i dnt remember anything abt my life at 6.

abt pets, its true that many wish to have one. but some r lucky enough to have their wish fulfilled and some r not. ppl do tend to get attached to their pets and find it difficult to part themselves frm their pets.

but wht i believe is that..its not fair on the animal's part that we keep them in our captivity. no matter how much we love them, they wld never be happy...as they dnt belong in our environment. nature created them to live with their own likes. their life is in their natural habitats such as forests....not in our captivity. we have no right to take away thier freedom frm them.

by the way..Ms Arian, the first line of the last paragraph is incorrect. u have written "Today, I really do miss having a dog around.". rather it should be "Today, I really do miss NOT having a dog around."..its an honour to correct a gr8 writter like u:-))


Posted by: Mumbhai | Jan 27, 2005 6:52:52 PM

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