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January 16, 2005

His Only Crime

Lying in a congested jail

desperate and desolate

Cheeks stained with tears

and eyes no longer capable of producing tears

Clothes - too tattered, too few

from head to feet - beaten black and  blue

His only crime was -

He had dared to be hungry

Drank as much water as he could

Tightly bound a cloth around his stomach

Sniffed glue till his face went blue

But - finally - those hunger pangs,

Oh! those miserable unwanted hunger pangs

did show their face

The aroma of food from the nearby sweet shop

The aroma of food from the hotel down the street

The aroma of food from the kitchens in the nearby buildings

The aroma of food from the office-goers tiffins

Food, food around him

but not a morsel to eat

His only crime was-

espite all his efforts

His stomach did rumble & grumble

He snatched a jalebi from the nearby sweetshop

And ran - not for his life

BUT - for his food

However, having had no food for three days

he was weak and he fell soon.

Well-beaten, he was sent to jail

His mind - once a virgins innocence

Now a prostitutes know-it-all

Punished - for the crime of getting hungry

a crime which all of us commit daily

The difference being -

we don’t need to commit a crime

to cover-up for this universal crime.

By Prerak Ved

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Well expressed. You are right, hunger is a crime nowadays or perhaps from time immemorial.

Posted by: Alka | Jan 16, 2005 10:12:30 AM

Very well written. Prerak, you must think of getting it published. Talk to CRY or UNICEF.

Posted by: SV | Jan 16, 2005 8:04:05 AM

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