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January 19, 2005


One of dictionary meanings of the word ‘trust’ is firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. Unfortunately, the feeling isn’t always mutual, as recent events had confirmed. How could it be that someone she deemed to be a close friend and confidant, let’s call him X for anonymity’s sake, omitted to share something of great magnitude with her? If roles were reversed and she was the one with the great news, she was positive that X would have been one of the chosen recipients of the same. She firmly believed that actions speak louder than words, so although X claimed that he trusted her, his action (of not confiding in her) indicated the exact opposite. She was deeply hurt.

Being a forthright person, she was all for confrontational situations and prided herself at being able to deliver an admirable verbal lashing, when so required. And yet, on this particular occasion, she chose not to do so. Maybe she was finally growing up and learning to pick her battles with care. Or maybe she would keep her hurt and anger repressed until the day that a minor event caused those festering emotions to be unleashed, with possibly dire consequences.

Ultimately, she decided to give her overactive imagination a much needed rest, get over the entire situation, move on and concentrate on more pressing matters. People will deal with any given situation based on their interpretation of it and in a manner they deem worthy. The best she could do for herself was to trust her own judgement and learn to let go once in a while.

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Trust is a feeling that emenates from inner security, not from outer relationships - they are the means, not the source of the trust. To be able to trust someone else, u shld be able 2 trust yourself. If one isnt confident of himself and trust himslef - then how can he trust some1 else - he can be a friend, he can be dependent, but he cant trust. The insecurity inside will always show up.

Posted by: Prerak | Jan 23, 2005 6:27:13 PM

sometimes....under emotional influence ppl act foolishly which affect their relationships with the person concerned negatively. so it was wise of her to leave behind her whatever happened and turn to more important issues...

seriously relationships r too complex to manage nowadays due to demanding lifestyles. management schools should start doing courses in relationship management....wht do u say ppl..:-))

Posted by: Mumbhai | Jan 19, 2005 7:00:11 PM

"Maybe she was finally growing up and learning to pick her battles with care." Yes that is the way to deal in life. Get your priorities right.

Posted by: SV | Jan 19, 2005 11:16:04 AM

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