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April 10, 2005

Optimist or Pessimist

It comes after nine months…
And can go off in nine seconds

Pain and tears accompany its coming
And usually, its going too….

It doesn’t come easily,
Neither does it go fast
Well begun is half done, and not well-begun is undone..
To a pessimist, life is a dark, gloomy mist

That didn’t begin well, and neither ended well.
All you get in life, he says –
Is pain, tears and misfortune
Who’s happy? Neither the rich nor the poor
Neither the sinners, nor the saints
Human Life, a pessimist claims, is a biological misfortune.

Well begun is half done, says the optimist –
Who wants life to begin well?
If by birth you do half of what you want to do –
Then you would want to do very little.

Life is a success, he claims –
Because its foundation is tough – based on hard work, labour, sweat and tears –
That’s how all great, lasting enterprises are built –
And that’s how greatness is truly achieved.

When you start off something you don’t think of the end –
Because if you do, then you reach “The End” – even before it started
The beginning was a fortune, and the end is necessary –
Because only if things end – then new things begin.

To the optimist, human unhappiness is evident –
But he says – the unhappiness is not because life is cruel,
But because we refuse to see its goodness,
And focus on the dark side.

We always seem to focus on what we should have got…
Rather than what we can get –
Our opportunities are not limited, and our spirit doesn’t die –
Our focus is limited, and our dream dies -

The glass of water always remains half-empty
It is up to us – how to fill it –
Whether with tears of sorrow,
Or with tears of joy!

Prerak Ved

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