October 18, 2004

Change of heart?

My brother just pointed out to me that my post of 17th October, My New Blog, makes me sound like I'm a kind and forgiving person, which obviously I am not!! So, to rest my conscience and his, I confess that when I found out that mblog had left me blogless, I did curse them continuously in a most unladylike fashion. The passage of time and the fact that I now have a new blog has led to my decision not to bear a grudge against mblog. Oh yeah, that and the fact that I can't actually take any action against them anyway. Thanks Mel, now that I have got that off my chest, I do feel like my old, evil self...

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October 17, 2004

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to SV for setting up this entire blog for me. Being the technophobe I am, it would have probably taken me the better half of this century to set it up myself. But SV, being the whizkid she is, sorted it out before I could bat an eyelid. In addition, she has also allowed me to to use her main blog on typepad to post, so again, I owe her one for that. Here's to future blogging days!

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My New Blog

Although I am the eternal pessimist regarding most things in life, I have made the decision not to be bitter about mblog's greediness and it's subsequent ouster of my blog and those of my fellow bloggers. I have been given the opportunity to start afresh and, naturally, that can only be a good thing. I'm feeling slightly lost without my previous posts to give me the motivation to write new posts but, no doubt, I'll get over that in good time. Meanwhile, it's great to be back. Keep reading!!

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