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December 17, 2004

2005 Maserati GranSport

There is often a fine line between perception and reality, and for the carmaker that can blend a bit of both, buyers are often willing to hand over a hefty premium.

That's clearly a motivating factor behind the design of the new Maserati GranSport, the latest addition to the marque's expanding line-up. The Italian automaker starts out with its eponymous Coupe then makes a variety of exterior and interior changes and a few subtle tweaks under the hood. The result is a $98,172 sports car that's likely to appeal to those who want what almost nobody else has, whatever the price tag. The question is whether the new car is more than just a high-priced poseur.

To find out, TheCarConnection.com headed over to Modena, Italy , for a couple days of driving prior to the lavish celebration of the long-struggling Maserati's 90th anniversary. Our foray allowed time on the track as well as on some challenging Italian highways and byways.

Those familiar with the basic Maserati Coupe will recognize the GranSport immediately. The most notable exterior changes are focused on improving aerodynamics, including a larger mesh grille meant to improve engine breathing, a revised front spoiler, and a small lip spoiler in the rear. A new front bumper gives the car a more aggressive looking snout, but also improves downforce. So do the oversized rocker panels that are the most distinctive differentiators with the new Gran Sport.


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