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February 11, 2005

The Mercedes Hot Seat

Ford Focus 2000-2002Have you ever turned on the heated seat and started to sweat? How about getting the seat so hot you received second degree burns? Sounds like a painful way to get burned, trapped in a speeding car, ass on fire, literally. The mental image is pretty bad but that’s what happened to one Mercedes Benz ML320 owner as their SUV’s driver’s side seat overheated. Two other owners reported the same problem without the burns. The problem is with the 2003 model year vehicle according to the NHTSA. Ouch in related news DCX has another investigation going into its 2001, 2002 minivans for faulty headlights. And to top the day off, Dodge had to recall 26,000 Durango SUVs for fuel tank valves not fully closing, causing potential gas leaks.

But none of that seems as bad as Ford’s day. The company has to recall 360,000 Ford Foci for rear doors that may not latch properly. There are 33 complaints about the problem in 2000-2002 four- and five-door vehicles.


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