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March 04, 2005

Did You Know That....

  • The Chevrolet 490, launched in 1915, owes its name to its price?
    It was pitched directly against the Ford T model and - like its
    competitor - could be bought for just 490 US dollars. It was built
    at various factories linked to the Chevrolet Motor Company through
    a franchising system.
  • The first subcompact car manufactured in the U.S. was a
    Chevrolet? It was the Vega, launched in 1971. It was followed by
    the Chevette in 1976, the smallest Chevrolet ever at that time.
    This model, a representative of General Motors' T-Car world car,
    was initially sold with 1.4 and 1.6-litre engines.
  • The Powerglide transmission of 1950 was the first automatic
    transmission to be offered in a vehicle below the full-size category?
    Chevrolet built more than 300,000 of these transmission units in
    the first year alone.
  • Louis Chevrolet left the company in 1914 because he had
    an argument with his partner Billy Durant about the positioning
    of the company? Chevrolet wanted to build exclusive vehicles, Durant
    was in favour of popular cars. Who actually won the dispute is no
    secret because the name Chevrolet has since become synonymous with
    good-quality but inexpensive cars and trucks.
  • Chevrolet became part of the General Motors Group in 1918?
  • The value-brand strategy was featured as early as 1929 in
    the advertising slogan "A Six for the Price of a Four"?
    In the then new "Stovebolt Six", the customer really got
    the smoothness and acceleration of a six-cylinder engine for the
    price of a four-cylinder unit.
  • The first GM plant outside of North America was built in
    Denmark in 1923? The then head of production of GM, William Knudsen,
    (1879-1948), emigrated from Denmark to the US in 1899…
  • Chevrolet planned to change from water to copper cooled
    engines (an air cooled engine using copper fins) in 1921? The revolution
    failed due to durability problems, and only about 800 copper cooled
    cars were built in total.
  • The failure of the copper cooled engine led to the first
    dedicated proving ground for testing automobiles? To this day, GM’s
    Milford Proving Ground opened in 1924 is the biggest of its kind
    in the world.
  • The founder of both Chevrolet and General Motors, „Billy"
    Durant (1861-1947) had to leave the company after financial quarries
    three times in all. Durant, who at one time amassed a fortune of
    $ 120 million died as a manager of a bowling alley.
  • And Today

    • 1 car in 16 sold in the world is a Chevrolet
    • A Chevrolet is built every 7 seconds
    • Over 175 million Chevrolets have been sold to date
    • Chevrolet will sell in 90 countries in 2005
    • The Chevrolet Aveo (Kalos in the UK) is the best selling small
      car in North America

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