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October 04, 2005

City Cars - Smart Fortwo

Why buy one?
The ultimate town centre assault vehicle. It's amusing to drive and look at, while the cabin is cleverly thought out with a good view out. The only big downsides are the bouncy ride and jerky gearbox. Otherwise, the Fortwo is now getting cheap and the cheapest - early left-hand-drive models - will allow you to park and step onto the pavement.

What to look for
Nothing too major, although some engines replaced under warranty on early cars. Gearbox seems to give the most problems so make sure it works smoothly. Steering joints another area where the Smart seems to wear out a bit too early. Right-hand drive from November 2001.

Where to buy
Private owners are dedicated Smarties and have looked after them fanatically. Look to get a better warranty at a Smart Centre, but increasing numbers of independent specialists have good expertise and good-value models.

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