September 28, 2005

2007 Acura RDX

Acura is keeping the SUV's engine a secret for now, but it did say the RD-X will have over 200 hp, the high-tech SH-AWD system from the company's RL flagship sedan and four-wheel independent suspension. Sadly, its huge Brembo disc brakes and 19-inch wheels and tires will not.

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January 14, 2005

Acura RSX Type-S

It's tricky updating a car that's fine as is. A car we've called "a scalpel for carving up the road" and "a jewel...uncorrupted by froufrou" ["Four Wedges & a Bubble," C/D, May 2002]. A car that was the decisive winner in the wedges-and-bubble battle, and also a 10Best choice in 2002 and 2003.

Clearly, the RSX team had something that wasn't broken. But with three years in its logbook, the RSX wasn't new anymore. And since new is the essence of the car biz, they fixed it anyway, a midterm update that can't be called a major makeover but is too comprehensive to be called a mere freshening. Sure, it includes the kind of minor tweaks common to most updates—the industry equivalent of plastic surgery, nips and tucks aimed at preserving youth. Examples: A rear wing has sprouted from the decklid of the Type-S model, the front fascia has been honed to a sharper edge, the headlights are new, the visible portions of the front and rear underbody are wider, there are new side sills, and the static ride height has been dropped 0.3 inch—all of which makes the car look lower, wider, and more aggressive.

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January 12, 2005

Acura Announces Pricing for All-New 2005 RL

Acura’s Top-of-the-line Sedan Receives New Styling, 300 HP Engine, Super Handling All-Wheel Drive and Real Time Traffic System

TORRANCE -- The all-new Acura RL luxury performance sedan, featuring updated styling, more horsepower, a groundbreaking all-wheel drive system and exclusive electronic equipment, will be priced at $48,900 in the 48 contiguous states Acura announced today. The all-new RL will go on sale October 14 at Acura dealers nationwide. It will be sold in one fully-appointed trim model with no available factory options.

While RL prices reflect a 7.2 percent increase, or $3,300, compared to last year, the 2005 model features a long list of enhancements, new features and industry firsts marking a dramatic improvement compared to the previous 3.5 RL.


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January 11, 2005

Power Refined Luxury Reinvented

Few sedans combine innovative technology and high performance with such landmark precision as the 2005 Acura TL. The 270-horsepower, 3.2-liter TL is an advanced study in both, from its powerful 24-valve, VTEC® engine and 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension system, to an impressive console of sophisticated amenities, including Bluetooth™ wireless cell phone technology and Acura/ELS™ Premium 8-speaker Surround-Sound System with DVD-Audio. As with all Acura models, luxury and performance add up to miles of extreme exhilaration in the 2005 TL.

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Top Luxury Cars

The Acura TL takes over the top spot as the most popular luxury car among shoppers on MSN Autos.

The most popular luxury cars on MSN Autos, based on visits to the site's vehicle pages during the third quarter of 2004.

The Acura TL topped the list of the luxury cars most popular with MSN shoppers for the third quarter of 2004, taking the top position away from the BMW 3-Series. The Infiniti G35, which was new for 2003, rounded out the top three.

BMW placed three cars on the list with the redesigned 5-Series and the flagship 7-Series also making the cut.

The list of the top ten luxury cars on MSN Autos is based on total visits to the site's vehicle research pages during the third quarter of 2004. Here is the complete list:

1. Acura TL
The TL sport sedan was completely new for 2004, with updated styling, a refined chassis and a 3.2-liter 270-horsepower V6 engine teamed with an available 6-speed manual transmission. A DVD-Audio surround sound audio system and Bluetooth wireless phone connectivity are standard.

2. BMW 3-Series
Descendant of the mid-'60s 1600, the BMW 3-Series is considered by automotive enthusiasts to be the first compact sedan offering sports car performance. For 2004, 3-Series coupes and convertibles feature new front and rear styling and a 6-speed manual transmission replaces the 5-speed on 330 trims. A 6-speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) is available on all rear-wheel-drive trims. Look for an all-new 3-Series arriving sometime next year.

3. Infiniti G35
A new addition to the Infiniti lineup for the 2003 model year, the G35 Sport Sedan went on sale in March 2002. The four-passenger G35 Sport Coupe joined the lineup later that year. Both the coupe and sedan are front-engine/rear-wheel-drive platforms with fresh, crisp designs and advanced technology aimed at driving enthusiasts. The 3.5-liter V6 produces 260 horsepower in the sedan and 280 horsepower in the coupe.

4. BMW 5-Series
The 5-Series was completely redesigned for 2004 with unique exterior styling that draws from the 7-Series, as well as the controversial I-Drive system. The new 5-Series is larger but lighter than the previous generation due to extensive use of aluminum. The 545i is powered by a 325-horsepower V8, with the 525i and 530i powered by inline 6-cylinder powerplants. Available technology includes active steering, which varies the steering ratio based on vehicle speed, steering angle and other factors.

5. Bentley Continental GT
The Continental GT is the first model to come out of Bentley Motor Cars, Ltd., the new company that was formed on September 17, 2002, ending a 70-year partnership with Rolls-Royce. Priced around $150,000 (inexpensive for a Bentley), the Continental GT is a stunning 2-door, 4-seat coupe. The first Bentley to offer all-wheel drive, this high-performance coupe boasts a 552-horsepower engine and a claimed top speed close to 200 mph.

6. Maybach
Maybachs were originally built for high society and were the most expensive models of their time, selling 1,800 units between 1921 and 1941. In 2004, Mercedes-Benz brought back the Maybach name on this ultra-luxury car that the company refers to as "a business jet on wheels." Seats recline with integrated footrests; a panorama roof can electronically go from transparent to opaque; and champagne can be stored in the chilled compartment between the rear seats.

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