August 29, 2005

New Astra TwinTop Roof Concept Performs Dance at Frankfurt

Opel livens up the Frankfurt International Motor Show (September 15–25), breathing life into motionless cars with a new dance on its stand. Visitors can watch the Astra TwinTop, which celebrates its world premiere in Frankfurt, do the “Cabrio-Coupé Lambada” as it opens and closes its roof. At the touch of a button, a total of five sections, including the two C-pillars, go through a sequence of precisely choreographed moves with the help of five electric motors, eight hydraulic cylinders, 13 sensors and a 14-joint kinematics. The main advantage of the Astra TwinTop’s innovative roof concept: the individual components are smaller than in conventional systems and thus require less space when stowed in the trunk.


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March 17, 2005

Spied: New Astra Cabriolet

Astra Coupe Cabriolet

Vauxhall’s Astra has already impressed in the style stakes in three and five-door forms, but its desirability is certain to be raised even further with the introduction of the Coupe Cabriolet models. On sale in 2006 the Coupe Cabriolet follows the market trend for folding hardtops, competing against models like the Peugeot 307 CC, Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet and the forthcoming Ford Focus version.
With three roof sections compared to its French rival’s two the Astra’s roof should fold faster and take up less bootspace when stowed. It also allows the Astra to offer seating for four, at a squeeze. Engines are likely to be offered from 1.8-litres upwards, with turbocharged models offering pace to go with its obvious style.

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