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October 27, 2004

Why Study RPS?

Why should I study RPS? What will RPS do for me? As with any sport, the answer to these questions is “That depends on what you put into it.”

RPS is gaming at its most basic, its most fundamental. Take anything away, and it ceases to be a game at all. Every other game, at some level, contains RPS. Like chess or fencing, the rules are simple, but the game itself is as complex as the mind of your opponent.

Playing RPS probably won’t make you rich and famous. Chances are good you won’t win an Olympic gold medal. And it’s not likely to improve your physique, maximize your sex appeal, jump-start your career or expand your memory. Many players have found, however, that studying RPS gives them a greater understanding of how gaming relates to human behavior. In that sense, RPS can help you find success in other areas, but only if you have the determination to work hard and think hard – not just in RPS, but in every area of your life.

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Funny you have it on your site. This weekend I heard an interview with the Walker brothers on radio (people behind giving RPS its "due" recognition). Going by their interview and the attendance at the RPS championship here in Toronto (about 2 weeks ago) ... it sure is making a comeback!!!

Posted by: Raashi | Oct 27, 2004 9:39:54 AM

i was quite surprised to find that they recently held the RPS world champiionships about 6 months ago or so, and all different countries sent in their representatives. and each player had his coach, his physical trainer, his motivationist, and god knows how many other support people travelling with him. but i still think its a silly game that silly boys play :-)

Posted by: Vatsa | Oct 27, 2004 7:34:40 AM

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