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December 08, 2004

The Color Of Bhutan

Check out the third exhibition of Audrey Topping's photo artwork of "Bhutan, The Kingdom Of The Thunder Dragon" in New York, capturing her impressions of Bhutanese life, religion and culture in a series a dramatic photographs.

A prize-winning photojournalist and author of six books, Audrey has exhibited her photographs and lectured in numerous galleries and universities, notably: The Metropolitan Museum, Hallmark Gallery, Overseas Press Club, Explorers Club, Harvard University, Katonah Gallery of Art, Royal Ontario Museum and Westchester Community College. Her articles and photographs have been printed in major publications in The United States and abroad. Including two cover stories as photographer and writer for National Geographic Magazine. The New York Times Magazine published 17 of her articles, including 10 cover stories from China and Russia. Her China photos were featured on the covers of Life and Newsweek. Other work has appeared in such publications as Time, Readers Digest, Science Digest, Art in America, GEO, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Toronto Star, Le Temp Strategic. Audrey attended the University of Nanking, China, UBC in British Columbia and studied art in Berlin and London, where she exhibited her sculptures at the Royal Academy of Art. She received an honorary Doctor of Arts from Rider College N.J. In 2000 Audrey and her husband, Seymour Topping, were awarded the first annual Greenway-Winship Award for their significant contribution to a better understanding of world affairs. She is a member of The Council of Foreign Affairs, Asia Society and the Society of Woman Geographers. Toppings have 5 daughters and live in Scarsdale NY.

The exhibit in the Bhutanese Mission on first Avenue is worth a trip to see. Audrey Topping's photographic and photo-oneiric images, as brilliantly colorful as the Buddhist culture they represent, will utterly defeat the endless grey of December. They are full of motion and beauty and humor, and will tell you something about a happy and ancient culture that is worth knowing. All the two hundred images at the exhibit are for sale, and the proceeds go to aid in the Queen's efforts to help Bhutanese children.

The exhibit is at the Permanent Mission of The Kingdom of Bhutan to The United Nations 763 First Avenue United Nations Plaza between 43th and 44th st. NY 10017. Open until December 14th 2004, Monday to Friday from 11AM to 4PM.

(click on the links to view images)

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Sounds amazing! I really wish I could hop onto a flight to NYC, visit you and the exhibition :-).

Posted by: Arian | Dec 17, 2004 6:20:01 PM

I just read your email and I'm definitely trackbacking you on this one. Audrey Topping's images are beautiful and must be seen in person. Thanks SV for such a wonderful post!

Posted by: Nia | Dec 9, 2004 9:29:03 PM

Selflessness, is rarer these days but that virtue is in action here. Topping's efforts are phenomenal, imagine how much time and effort (and film!) must be spent to put up a world class exhibition of 200 prints? And then to donate all the proceeds to charity! Commendable indeed. My best wishes to her and thanks SV for highlighting her work.

Posted by: Manish | Dec 9, 2004 10:18:29 AM

I saw this marvelous exhibit and wanted nearly every brilliant, rich picture! I especially coveted a tiny one of a sort of Buddhist Kokopelli, but the glorious landscapes competed for my admiration with the dazzling, disorienting dream-enhanced images. The show is beautifully hung in a pleasant and accessible site.

Posted by: Judith | Dec 8, 2004 9:51:34 AM

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