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January 30, 2005

India’s growing younger

Aging population and India. According to a story in BusinessWeek, while the rest of the world frets about the economic effects of an aging population, one country that will grow increasingly younger is India. India’s census bureau has pointed out that “40% of the populace is below the age of 18, and by 2015, 55% will be under 20”. The magazine adds that the trend would help fulfill the promise of making India a service and manufacturing power over the next two decades. But, the situation is not gung-ho all along. “The bad news is that India could easily squander its demographic edge. Despite the success of a few world-class schools such as the Indian Institutes of Technology, India’s education system is in a dismal state overall,” it argues. This is part of the cover story of BusinessWeek on Global Aging.

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Not wishing to derogate India's vitality and acheivements in any way, but for a population to grow younger means two things: its population is growing too fast, and their life expectancy is too low. Lots of African nations, particularly the ones badly hit by AIDS, have VERY young populations, since all the grownups die young (but not before having large families). What India DOES have to boast about is not its younger population per se, but the fact that its population, although appallingly large, is to so great an extent educated, ambitious, and bright -- and healthy! THIS is a huge accomplishment for a country that has been poor for a long time; and an even greater accomplishment is remaining democratic even with the poverty and corruption thar would quickly sap the resolve of a less complex and ancient culture.

Posted by: judith | Jan 30, 2005 9:32:14 PM

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