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February 19, 2005

India special: The next knowledge superpower

Was there ever a doubt!

- India special: The next knowledge superpower
In just a few years, more than 100 IT and science-based firms have located R&D labs in India. Big changes are making the country a centre of innovation.

- India special: Space programme presses ahead
While detractors say India cannot afford a space programme, Indira Gandhi believed it was vital for India's development - the Moon is on the agenda.

- India special: The silicon subcontinent
Some of the biggest names in IT are heading towards Bangalore once more, but now it's the brightest minds they seek - not cheap labour

- India special: Millions get mobiles
The country is becoming connected as never before, and the consequences could be dramatic

- India special: Making science pay
R A Mashelkar is running a one-man campaign to create an enterprise culture in India: to bring science and industry together to benefit the country.

- India special: Vaccines for pennies
An Indian husband and wife team risked everything to build a facility producing the hepatitis B vaccine for just 28 cents per shot

- India special: Radio telescope offers dishes to savour
Why astronomers are flocking to India's wine country.

- India special: Closing the door on generic drugs
Recent changes in India's unusual patent laws mean the country's recently booming drugs industry is risking everything to stay afloat.

- India special: The returning scientist
Physicist Shobo Bhattacharya spent decades in leading US labs before returning to India to direct the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research in Mumbai.

- India special: The IT pioneer
In 1981, Nandan Nilekani was one of seven engineers who scraped together $250 to start a software company in India - annual sales now exceed $1 billion

- India special: Welcome to the global village
The internet has arrived in Pinjavakkam - a village with only 500 residents, intermittent electricity and five telephone lines.

- The mystery of disappearing gravity
Gravity is a force unlike the other fundamental forces of the universe - and it might be leaking into other dimensions. Bruce Schechter follows its trail.

- India special: Bold plans for the nuclear future
India's energy needs are set to soar over the coming decades and the nuclear option is embraced as the key to meeting the demand.

- India special: Sight for sore eyes
An Indian charity hospital is pioneering an innovative stem-cell-based cure for blindness - its success rate is impressive.

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India has come a long way since its independence 57 years ago and is, evidently, endeavouring to excel in important sectors of life. Way to go, India!

Posted by: Arian | Feb 25, 2005 6:58:08 AM

Thanks for the links, SV.

Posted by: Chirayu | Feb 21, 2005 1:49:12 AM

Thanks for postiong these links, SV.

Posted by: Chirayu | Feb 21, 2005 1:48:48 AM

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