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March 21, 2005

Glassblowing galore

Fascinated by glassblowing? More video and info than you can shake a stick at. See also: Glassblowing in Antiquity as well as today. View the process via a mpeg video (or step through the pictures). See some old glass recipes and learn about what the individual ingredients do. Ever seen a Chihuly exhibition? (or via QuickTime (now in several locations). Wow. There is also a process for fusing, slumping and kiln-forming glass called "Warm Glass". Gallery here. If you are into this you may need to save this one for the weekend, but I couldn't wait.

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The glass creations are startlingly organic. Because of the liquid quality of the surfaces, they are sufficiently life-like to inspire a feeling of caution: these are strange life forms -- are they dangerous? One series looks like underwater creatures, like jellyfish which you darwe not touch. Another looks like possibly malevolent plants, beautiful but inhuman, with their own defenses and hungers. Obviously these reactions must say more about me than about the art -- and undeniably it is art.

Posted by: judith | Mar 21, 2005 9:21:33 AM

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