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March 09, 2005


screenshotHere's a fun little time waster for wordies and newshounds alike. Prognosticate is a word game that's literally ripped from the headlines. Here's the deal: You pick a current news article from CNN or the BBC. Then the article appears as a slowly scrolling series of words. Every few sentences the scrolling text stops, and it's up to you to supply a key missing word. For example, "Robert Blake testified in court today that he was BLANK." Playing at the Easy level, you have a list of words to choose from. On the Hard level, you get a dictionary definition of the missing word. Personally, we're not sure that Easy is any easier than Hard -- we would call them both Difficult. Regardless, this nifty word teaser is a fun way to pretend you're a harried journalist on a tight deadline.

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It was reasonably interesting to try out. What did it teach us? Some of the choices could be eliminated on purely sysntacitcal grounds, of course, and others on semantic; but it was surprising the extent to which context plus fading memory actually supplied the right word.

Posted by: judith | Mar 9, 2005 11:47:02 AM

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