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March 07, 2005

Their Circular Life

screenshotWe're not sure what to call this one. Interactive time lapse photography? Visual urban ambience? Regardless, it's clever, evocative, and strangely calming. Here's the premise: stationary cameras took several hundred images throughout 24-hour periods in five urban settings in Italy. Using a tool akin to a virtual iPod click wheel, you can scroll through the day's events in a train station, two public parks, a traffic intersection, or a canal in Venice. This soothing meditation on urban life is as much about sound as it is pictures; depending on the time of day, you hear birds twittering, traffic roaring, children playing, etc. Feel free to speed things up, slow things down, or stop time altogether. Can we settle on "visual haiku"?

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it's really cool....u don't need to go there to see their daily life....I checked that...pretty interesting.

Posted by: Tarun | Mar 7, 2005 3:42:49 PM

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