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April 26, 2005

Art In Cities

Never mind what's hanging on the walls of the Prado or Met. How about that sticker on a lamppost in Stockholm, wall mural in Cape Town, or luminescent graffiti in San Francisco? For a real dose of global artistic zeitgeist, the funky designs adorning public and private property on metropolitan streets could be as illuminating as a visit to the MOMA. At least, that's the theory behind the Galerie De Meerse's -- Hoofddorp's (Amsterdam) "Art in..." series, an annual project exploring subcultural artistic _expression. From Tehran to Jerusalem, Sao Paulo to Lima, New York City to Salt Lake City, attempts to keep artistic malcontents coloring within the lines loses out to the world-as-canvas ethic. So check it out; for some, art in Paris doesn't just mean the Louvre anymore.

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This looked really interesting, and probably it is my fault for not figuring out how to work the display: but I was treated to tempting little vignettes that vanished before I could really take them in. I might have seen each of them better in the alotted time if they had come up in a predictable spot and been bigger; but most desirable would have been to have control over them myself. Thanks, though, for the post!

Posted by: Judith | Apr 26, 2005 12:53:08 PM

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