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April 24, 2005


With its clean, effective design and its thousands of recipes, CocktailDB is a tremendously fun resource for tipplers of all stripes. The site's plentiful photographs and exhaustive collection of essential barware make this much more than a searchable recipe archive. Armchair bartenders can browse by drink type, ingredients, and all manner of specifications. No idea what to do with that bottle of crème de cassis? Try any of 56 recipes containing this black currant-flavored liqueur. You're free to find just the right julep or hunt down the appropriate member of the prolific Daiquiri family. The Top Ten Drink Choices confirms that the dreaded Apple Martini refuses to loosen its grip on the country, but also offers some hope in the intriguing Monkey Gland. Finally, submit to the Mixilator to receive supercomputer-crunched cocktail-mixing instructions: "Shake violently with hoar frost and look of intense concentration."

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looks like a great resource for hosts and for people seeking to learn what some of the weirder tipples are for (what's "orgeat"?)

Posted by: judith | Apr 24, 2005 8:18:18 AM

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