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May 30, 2005

tasneem khalil: standing for my father - reza kibria

Tasneem Khalil, a friend and journalist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Endorses and advocates Libertarian Socialism and Free/Open Software & Publication. Subjects of interest primarily include Culture, Humanity, Alternative Media, Propaganda and Politics.

Shah AMS Kibria, a Member of the Parliament of Bangladesh and former Finance Minister of the country, was brutally assassinated in a grenade attack on January 27th 2005 in his constituency, the town of Habiganj in Sylhet. Reza Kibria, an internationally acclaimed economist, is a core member of the 'Blue for Peace' movement that is now demanding an end to such political killings in Bangladesh. For more info http://www.sams-kibria.org

[this interview with reza kibria — son of former bangladesh finance minister sams kibria, assassinated in january — was to appear in the debut issue of a weekly newsmagazine. unfortunately, for unstated reasons, all the copies of the magazine (except a few preview copies) were sieged hours before the debut newsstand hit (at this stage, it is not convenient for me to spell out more detail account of the episode).

as i believe this interview contains valuable information and opinion that needs public attention and analysis, i am resorting to an internet distribution. i am inviting concerned readers to freely redistribute this piece (and releasing this under a creative commons license).
— tasneem khalil]

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After reading through several links -- AHA!! I read that the assassinated father was an "opposition leader". Finally I can get a feel for what the murder was about, why it might have taken place, and who might have done it. It took a some looking to find out that he was killed in a grenade attack with several other people, and that it was not an accident -- that is, he was probably a target of the attack -- and why he might have been a target.
This information ought to be in the VERY FIRST SENTENCE of any article on the subject. To Mr. Kibria, understandably, there is only the one terrible death and only the one overriding cause. To the rest of the unknowing world, there are millions of terrible deaths, thousands of them political assassinations and disappearances, embedded in an ongoing disgraceful level of barbarism, oppression, injustice and general human hideousness, above which no group stands very far. Therefore we need to know which particular death, for which particular reason, and what particular level of injustice is involved, before it can begin to engage our particular sympathies. It is too bad that there is so much clamoring injustice and brutality in the world that it requires effort to focus on one: but there is, so it does

Posted by: judith | May 30, 2005 9:40:39 AM

Comrade, there are times when you go under the impression, 'it's really not a lonely struggle'. Thank you for reposting.

Posted by: Tasneem | May 30, 2005 9:12:53 AM

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