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May 06, 2005

Top 25 Technological Breakthroughs

CNN has a list of tech advances over the past 25 years:

1) Wireless world
2) Defense technology
3) Alternative fuel vehicles
4) Biotechnology
5) Computers
6) Lasers
7) Genomics
8) Global finance
9) Processors
10) Digital storage
11) Space
12) Fiber optics
13) Satellite TV & radio
14) DNA testing
15) Video games
16) Biometrics
17) Energy and water savers
18) Scanning tunneling microscopes
19) Batteries
20) E-baggage
21) Remote controls
22) Animal cloning
23) Manufacturing technology
24) The big picture
25) Weather technology

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caution-off post comment.

bhala manas , comment kariye to recent post par kaink to lakhay ne, some hint or indication- didnt see yr feb comment till today. anyways, thanks for the visit and i shall ahem do the needful.

Posted by: austere | May 6, 2005 10:13:48 AM

My candidate crosses a lot of boundaries: materials science. In almost every aspect of our lives -- the paint and adhesives we use, the clothing we wear, our vessels and houses and automobiles, our medications and the way they are administered, prosthetics, implants, furniture, our devices -- materials scientists have been busy making things lighter, stronger, more durable, even possible. Nobody seems to notice the humble stuff that his world is made of, but I am old and I remember how amazed we were at the first man-made fiber (rayon), and when aluminum first became familiar(such an amazingly light metal!) and the rapid spread of lightweight colorful plastics (Bakelite was before my time).

Posted by: judith | May 6, 2005 8:57:00 AM

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