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May 02, 2005

Zakaria shouts out to his homeboys

(via sepia mutiny)

I haven’t seen Fareed Zakaria do explicit shout-outs that often, unlike Gurinder Chadha:

India is still a poor third-world country, but if you read [Thomas Friedman’s] book you would assume it is on the verge of becoming a global superstar. (Though as an Indian-American, I read Friedman and whisper the old Jewish saying, ”From your lips to God’s ears.”)
- Manish

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Hey! Wait... ok ... will bash Fareed Zakaria later, but you are Guzrazti! And can literally blog with that language... why din you ever tell me? So cool!
Kem Cho! :-P

Posted by: Tasneem | May 3, 2005 4:12:24 AM

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