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June 29, 2005

Fakes, Frauds, and Fake Fakers

Some counterfeiters try to enter the “soul and mind of the artist.” Some delight in the chemistry of baking paint and creating wormholes. Some start with real pictures and then “restore” them until they look as if they’re by a different artist. From ancient vases to conceptual art—if someone made it, someone else has tried to bamboozle the world with a copy

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What is the real objection to art forgers? Fraud. That means the problem is money, not art, not beauty, not talent. The reason fraud is possible is because art has been made into a commodity, to be bought and sold for a profit, like oil, gold, and cotton. Looking at the excellent talent of these men -- who are indeed practicing to deceive -- I lament that the commodification of art tempted them to pervert their gifts, but I think the commodifiers are purely asking for it. The original artists are not being cheated. With the exception of Picasso, who lived long enough and was canny enough to commodify his own work, and just a few others, the great artists never got rich from their talent.

Therefore I say, good for you, guys! I hope nobody ever knows about your best efforts. If because of you the world is fortunate to have a few more Vermeers and Monets than it was when Vermeer and Monet died, that is terrific!

Posted by: judith | Jun 29, 2005 9:00:11 AM

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