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June 10, 2005


Does anyone really know what they're doing? At Huh Corp, not only are they clueless about business, they come out and say so. This parody site riffs on corporate America's obsession with nonsensical buzz words by giving visitors a fake consulting company that dares to tell the truth. Huh Corp's strategy: "Convince clients that we do stuff they can't do themselves." Their philosophy on customer service: "Client satisfaction is always our first priority. Well...actually...maybe something like third or fourth." But wait, what do you get for your money? "Snazzy binders that look nice on big, round meeting tables." Granted, we don't know much about "global awareness paradigms," but that sounds like a good deal to us

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Frighteningly easy to do. Too bad they tip their hand early on. It would be interesting to see how man bites they got.

Posted by: judith | Jun 10, 2005 9:56:22 AM

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