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October 22, 2005

Can your printer tell on you?

This seems like a direct threat from the big brother:

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The blanket excuse provided by the attackers of 9-11 is a godsend for the forever-inquisitive and instinctively controlling cadre in all governments, including ours. We note that in the NYTimes yesterday, they are after Universities to alter their computer networks so that they can spy on email; the widening use of VOIP is driving them nuts. They want to be told what we say and what we read and if at all possible what we think -- all, of course, for our own good.

YES, I understand that Bad Guys want to talk privately about destroying me as much as I want to talk privately about perfectly innocent matters. But the government of a free people is destroying itself by destroying the exact rights and guarantees that make us who we are. This is not the first time it has happened; the Founding Fathers were right to distrust the government they were setting up. They placed frustrating barriers in its path, making it inefficient, thus making its citizens safer from the inevitable tendencies all governmentts have -- with even the best of intentions -- to "need" more control over the people.

Well, the people are apparently willing to give up their privacy and liberty for the impossible promise of security. That wise and funny man Benjamin Franklin said: as a result they shall have neither. It is sad that this extraordinary experiment shall have lasted less than three hundred years before becoming depressingly ordinary, but all human institutions degrade, I suppose. It was a beautiful idea, but if the people themselves will not defend it, maybe it was too good for people.

Posted by: Judith | Oct 24, 2005 9:45:04 AM

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