October 28, 2005

time to move

Good friends and interested readers,

Good news! I am moving this blog – and my others – to my VERY OWN DOMAIN!

If you will replace your http://sv.typepad.com/ URLs with the beautiful new http://www.forsv.com

Then we’ll meet there in one month (hey, I do get a little time off to refresh my roots in Mother India!)

I hope I’ll see you there. Meanwhile, I hope November is a lucky, surprisingly good month for all of you.

All the best,

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May 07, 2005

Can I have your sound?

The Bootleg Browser. Links to live shows from almost 350 artists.

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Blogging for dough

Can blogging ever become big business? Some people appear to be making a good living at blogging. There is even a blog devoted to the business of blogging. Jason is trying it.

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March 23, 2005

First Annual Northeast Desi Blogger Meet

If you’re a bloghead and you’re Desi, then nothing should keep you away from the First Annual Northeast Desi Blogger Meet. This is the social occasion of the year for those of us who are really with it. It’s in New York (after all!) and it’s on April the second. Oh, yes, there will be a [Fun-filled] [Tiffinbox] full of [Random] goodies, with [Literary] [Stories] about [Movies] and some [Thought-provoking], controversial, [Geeky] and sometimes [Idiotic] and funny [Lectures]. So get your [Deeshaa] over to Bay Leaf and join the crew for a [Fair and Balanced View…] with some [Yelling] which might be a little [Inside-Out]. With such a fine [Potpourri] you will end up smelling like roses and having a blast.

So please join us
Date: April 2
Place: New York
Venue: Bay Leaf
Time: 1:30

Please ping Prashant Kothari (prashantkothari-at-stringinfo.com) or Kaushik/ Seshu/ Reuben or email [tiffinbox at pipalproductions dot com] your name and blog URL. Subject line, BAY LEAF.

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November 07, 2004


Bloggercon III commenced today with the opening session ending in a sing-along of 'This land is your land'. The sessions ranged from introductions on blogging to a comparison of bloggers and journalists. The developers at O'Reilly have provided notes, coverage, and commentary on the event.

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October 16, 2004

Blog Move

I now have made typepad my new blog home after mblog unceremoniously decided to shutdown and abandon all their bloggers.

But I must admit mblog taught me a lot. They did attempt to provide an exceptional service for the blogging community at no cost. Unfortunately due to member abuse, inability to reach agreement with Moveable Type and hosting cost overhead they have incurred an extremely high deficit. Unfortunately they can no longer offer support or continue this service.

So basically this is my third blog home first one being with Bloggers which still has all my archives so far. I do plan to inform my readers about the change but please pass the word.

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