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October 21, 2004

Top 10 Web Hosting List

Web Hosting Inspector provides independent test results and information to assist consumers in selecting the right web site hosting provider and making an educated buying decision. This is what they say:

From that list we spent most of the year comparing Features, Value, Reliability, Security, Speed, Company Stability and most importantly Customer Support.

It seems a lot of hosting companies these days offer lot’s of space, and most at a reasonable price. However, there is so much more to web hosting than that. That’s where iPowerWeb shined above the crowd.

iPowerWeb is our choice for Host of the Year!

StartLogic seemingly came out of nowhere and has taken the industry by storm. This is no "fly by night" company. There serious about web hosting!

Infinology was also one of our favorable hosts

Lunar was the third company to stand out.

Jumpline WebMaster Choice

PowWeb Good Support.

Globat offers a Good Value.

Easy CGI Web Hosting A reliable host.

Host Rocket A great deal.

Apollo Another reliable choice.

Via Net Reliable.

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