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January 18, 2005

DENIC Submits Bid for Management of .net Top Level Domain

Proven Technical Services, a Sound and Transparent Business Model, and a Commitment to the Needs of the International Internet Community Make DENIC a Strong Contender. nicollette sheridan

Proven technical services, a strong orientation toward the needs of the international Internet community, and a business model that invests surplus profits in infrastructure improvement: these are the foundational concepts of the proposal submitted to ICANN today by DENIC eG in the bidding race for the management of the .net Top Level Domain (TLD).angelina jolie

DENIC, the German domain registry that currently manages more than eight million .de domains, holds a strong and unique position to win the bid for .net. "In addition to our proven and highly regarded technical and operational capabilities -- which have been consistently and reliably delivered over the past ten years without a single breakdown -- the fact that we are a European registry is an advantage," said DENIC Executive Board member Sabine Dolderer. "All of the current operators of generic TLDs are located in North America, and many members of the international Internet community are calling for an expanded international presence in domain management." Further, DENIC's not-for-profit status, which allows it to steer clear of potential commercial conflicts of interest and also to reinvest profits back into the infrastructure, makes it attractive as a new operator.Martin Luther King, Jr

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