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January 07, 2005

OrderBox Available in 8 Languages

LogicBoxes (logicboxes.com), a software development and consulting company for domain registrars and Web hosting companies, announced on Wednesday that it has launched eight new language packs for OrderBox 4.2, its flagship domain registrar automation solution.

The eight languages are German, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Bulgarian, Belarusian and Indonesian. The company said 25 other language packs are currently in development.

"Given that over 48 percent of the Internet users are non-English speakers, offering any Web-based interface that caters to a global audience in multiple languages is a must," says Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of LogicBoxes. "As OrderBox operates a diverse set of Registrars across various countries, it is essential for us to cater to the language needs of these local markets."

LogixBoxes has a translation program in which registrars and resellers can volunteer to participate.

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