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January 27, 2005

Verizon Faces Lawsuit Over Blocking

A Philadelphia-based law firm has filed a lawsuit against Internet service provider Verizon (verizon.com) on behalf of a DSL subscriber and is inviting other Verizon customers to join a class action, according to a report by the Register.

The lawsuit stems from Verizon's stringent and all encompassing email filtering policies, which have blocked email originating from Europe. Email servers at Verizon have been reportedly set to refuse connections from Europe by default since December 22, 2004. The company said its blacklisting of email from Europe is part of its efforts to fight spam coming from the area. Verizon only unblocks domains after a complaint has been received from its customers.

A spokesperson for Verizon told the Register that the majority of its customers are happy with its spam and virus filtering policies. However, the Register also reported the complaints of irate Verizon customers who have had difficulty receiving email originating from Europe.

Verizon, according to reports, intends to continue with the practice.

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