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February 15, 2005

Anti-Spyware Activist Web Site Attacked

According to a report by research and analysis firm Netcraft (netcraft.com), the Web site of anti-spyware activist Ben Edelman (benedelman.org) suffered an extended period of downtime earlier this week due to a distributed denial of service attack.

Edelman said on his Web site, which is back online, that the site was down for much of Monday and Tuesday, as well as several hours last week. According to Edelman, his host Globat (globat.com) informed him that the site was the victim of a large-scale DDoS attack, the like of which the company had never seen, bringing traffic of more than 600MB per second.

In a posting Edelman said his site was brought back online with the help of the Internet Software Consortium (isc.org), which now provides Web hosting for benedelman.org.

Edelman's Web site documents the methods used to install adware and spyware programs. The information has reportedly been used in legal cases against adware and spyware advertisers.

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