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February 18, 2005

Vigilante Group Attacks Cyber-criminals

According to reports, an Internet vigilante group known as the 419 Flash Mob, launched a two-day bandwidth attack last Wednesday against spammers attempting to defraud people by providing hosting services for fake bank sites.

The criminals, reports say, run the "419 scam," which sends out emails, faxes and letters, asking individuals for help in recovering money from banks in exchange for a percentage. These criminals have reportedly graduated to hosting fake bank sites, hoping to lure victims to deposit money in their illegitimate accounts.

The 419 Flash Mob reportedly launched a distributed denial of service attack against the spammers' bandwidth and have reported them to their Web host and other legal authorities.

Reports said the sites attacked had the names Abbey Trust & Offshore Bank, First Global Trust, Crystal Bonds & Securities, Allied Trust Bank UK, KASH BANK CORPORATION and Liberty Stronghold Securities and Finance.

The 419 Flash Mob is supported by Artists Against 419 (aa419.org).

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