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March 31, 2005

OSDL Names First Korean Member

The Open Source Development Labs (osdl.org), a global consortium dedicated to the adoption of Linux, announced on Monday that Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute would participate in the Lab's Carrier Grade Linux and Data Center Linux working groups as OSDL's first Korean member.

ETRI is currently leading the Linux innovation and adoption in Asia, one of the world's hotspots for open source software activity. In April 2004, the governments of Korea, Japan, and China came together to promote Linux as an alternative operating system and formed the Open Source Software Promotion Forum. ETRI is an integral part of this unique cooperation among Asian economic competitors and is actively developing and promoting Linux in the Korean market.

"ETRI is committed to the development of Linux technologies for business and consumers in Korea and around the world," says Sung In Jung, team leader of ETRI. "We're looking forward to working with our peers in the OSDL Carrier Grade Linux working group and contributing our 25 years of experience in computer and telecommunications systems research to advancing Linux."

According to technology analyst firm IDC, Linux software revenue in the Asian market outside of Japan will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 82.5 percent between 2004 and 2008, with revenue rising 78.6 percent in 2005 alone. IDC forecasts the region's overall telecommunications service revenue to increase by 11 percent in 2005 to $163 billion.

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March 30, 2005

Bulova Picks Web Host NaviSite

Web hosting and managed application services provider NaviSite (navisite.com) announced on Monday that it had been selected by Bulova to develop, host and manage its wittnauer.com Web site. The site will be hosted out of NaviSite's Syracuse, New York-based data center. NaviSite also hosts bulova.com.

"We initially engaged NaviSite to design and build our Bulova.com Web site and we were so pleased with the relationship, it was an easy decision to employ NaviSite to build the new Wittnauer site," says Eric Hofmann, directo of marketing technology at Bulova.

Wittnauer.com, designed to be feature-rich and customer friendly, includes search functions that enables customers to view the company's store locations and product line.

"Bulova was in need of a full service vendor that it could entrust to design, build and host its new Web site," says Denis Martin, CTO of NaviSite. "It was critically important for Bulova to know that its chosen outsourcing partner would work with it to understand its business in order to leverage the strength of the Wittnauer brand, and be able to complete the engagement on time and on budget."

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March 29, 2005

Web Host 1&1 Registers 5 Millionth Domain

Domain registrar and Web hosting provider 1&1 Internet Inc. (1and1.co.uk) announced on Monday it has registered its 5 millionth domain name.

Since its 1992 inception in Germany, where it still maintains its world headquarters, 1&1 has gone on to command 40 percent share of the German market alone. In recent years, the company has significantly expanded its other operations in the United Kingdom, France, Austria, and the United States.

"It represents more than a decade of stability and growth that has allowed us to provide our customers with not only a domain, but the most feature-rich and affordable solutions for optimizing that domain," says Andreas Gauger, 1&1's Chairman of the Board. "Eclipsing the 5 million registration mark clearly indicates a significant global demand for the unique, one-stop-Internet-shop approach we first developed several years ago."

1&1's 5 millionth domain name was one of four registered by the Bethlehem Area Public Library in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The organization plans to use www.bestbooksale.org, www.bestbooksale.info, www.bestbooksale.net and www.bestbooksale.us to help promote six fundraising book sales it conducts annually.

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March 28, 2005

Syntiva Moves Into Shared Web Hosting

Content management and Web design software developer Syntiva (syntiva.com) announced on Monday that it had launched dotSynergy Web Hosting (dotsynergy.com).

Syntiva previously offered managed Web hosting and with the launch of dotSynergy moves into the shared hosting space.

"With dotSynergy, we want to extend the customer service and support that our managed hosting provides to the shared hosting environment," says Jeff Smith, president of Syntiva. "Over the years we have experienced both horrible and some very excellent service from hosting providers. As a result, we know what typical Web hosts offer, in products and services, and we can surpass it, often greatly, in almost every way."

DotSynergy is based on the second level of the company's Virginia data center facility. All the shared servers are Dell 3GZ 6-12GB, 40GB+ HD, RAID 5 powered, and equipped with Fantastico, CPanel, WHM, RVSkins, PHP, JSP and web statistics. Customized and reseller plans are also available.

The company is offering a 30-day money back with a SLA guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime.

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March 25, 2005

Digital Realty Trust Buys Chicago IDC

Digital Realty Trust (digitalrealtytrust.com), an operator of technology facilities, announced on Tuesday that it had agreed to purchase Lakeside Technology Center for approximately $142.6 million in cash.

Lakeside Technology Center, based in Chicago, is an eight-story building comprising a total of approximately 1,095,540 square feet. Of the total space, about 275,000 square feet is vacant space in condition for redevelopment. The facility houses national telecom carriers and data center operations for large corporate customers, in addition to a centrally-located meet-me-room and colocation facility.

"Lakeside Technology Center is one of the premier Internet gateways in the region and fits extremely well with our current asset base and business strategy," says Michael Foust, chief executive officer of Digital Realty Trust. "We are very excited to be in the Chicago market, which is the major hub for commerce and telecom network traffic for the Midwest. Our acquisition of Lakeside Technology Center will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to provide space to leading technology and corporate data center tenants who require the mission critical infrastructure necessary to operate their businesses without interruption."

The transaction is subject to certain closing conditions.

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March 24, 2005

Host Color Upgrades Its E-mail Service

Host Color (www.hostcolor.com), a shared web hosting provider, has recently upgraded its e-mail service with a special anti-spam solution installed in its US Data Center.

Now customers can benefit from advanced antivirus and anti-spam e-mail scanning. The new system uses Clam antivirus and SpamAssassin - two leading Linux e-mail protection solutions. They are deployed on a specialized server which maximizes their performance.

"Generally anti-virus and especially anti-spam scanning require a lot of system resource. Running those services on a shared hosting server is bound to harm performance. That's why we devised an e-mail scanning solution that does not take up the server's resource. An out of server e-mail scanner also has much quicker learning capabilities. This means that it constantly upgrades its definitions of which messages can be considered spam." says Host Color's software development engineer Venelin Mihaylov .

The new system also allows the site owners to turn the scanning features off through Host Color's Next Color control panel. Another addition to the e-mail service is the personalized and configurable catch-all e-mail aliases.

"We are now entering a new phase of development of our service. We not only aim to innovate and integrate our service; we also want to build a user friendly and seamless customer experience. This can be done by making our services as intuitive and user friendly as possible. We will also provide complete tutorials and high-quality customer support to all our customer." adds Mr. Mihaylov.

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March 23, 2005

Web Firm Aplus.Net Enters Online Marketing Segment

Site traffic service guarantees qualified Web site visitors

With online sales for the 2004 holiday season hitting a record of 23.6 billion dollars, the Internet has proven to be a small business staple. But with millions of Web sites competing for online business, the biggest problem for online business owners is getting enough visitors to the site. Today, leading Web design and hosting firm Aplus.Net announced that they will help solve this critical issue by offering a service which guarantees Web site visitors.

Aplus.Net’s new eTraffic service promises Web site owners between 120 and 6000 visitors a year. More importantly, these visitors are “qualified” – meaning the traffic comes from searches (on Google, Yahoo, MSN) that are related to the site’s product, service, or business. While the benefits of increased sales are obvious, this managed marketing program also saves time for small business owners with limited time and marketing resources.

“The number one request from our customers is to help with online marketing” explains Ivan Vachovsky, Chief Executive Officer of Aplus.Net. “We listened and developed this program to help them increase traffic.”

As a turnkey program, eTraffic is an easy way for Web site owners to get traffic. Starting at $24.99 a month, Aplus.Net online marketing experts actively manage “Pay Per Click” advertising campaigns for client Web sites.

The innovative eTraffic program is another step Aplus.Net has taken toward providing a comprehensive online marketing program in the Web hosting arena. The company has previously announced the release of many online marketing products which support and increase business for existing customers. Among these products are e-commerce Connectors, which help automate the listing of store inventory on stores like eBay and Shopping.com; free pay-per-click voucher coupons from Google and Overture, which help with additional traffic; and a host of free marketing tools that are included with all Web hosting plans.

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March 22, 2005

Interland Helps HealthNewsDigest.com Reach a Milestone of 10 Million Subscribers

Interland, a leading provider of online sales and marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses, is proud to announce its online services were key in helping online magazine HealthNewsDigest.com (www.healthnewsdigest.com) reach a milestone of 10 million subscribers.

Since 1999 when Michael McCurdy founded HealthNewsDigest.com, the company has grown to become one of the most widely syndicated sources of health care information on the Internet. Today it is the #1 rated health channel on AvantGo and produces more than 30 million impressions a month to individuals seeking the latest in health news.

According to McCurdy, Interland has been an invaluable member of his team in recent years. “Prior to Interland, I had been through a series of online service providers,” says McCurdy, who has been an Interland client for nearly three years now. “Many providers were just unreliable, and some were not able to handle our site and the traffic we generated, so they asked us to leave. Right now I am the most confident I have ever been in the stability of our website and our ability to market the site online.”


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March 21, 2005

Can-Spam Reports No Change in Compliance

MX Logic, Inc., a provider of email defense solutions, today issued its monthly statistics on corporate email security, which stated that there is no change in compliance from January report.

MX Logic reported that on average 5 percent of all spam through the email defense company's Threat Center during February complied with the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM Act). Compliance with the federal anti-spam act has consistently hovered in the low single digits, compliance peaking at 7 percent in December 2004 and November 2004 and reaching a low of 0.54 percent in July 2004.

MX Logic believes that CAN-SPAM is a part of an overall anti-spam arsenal that must also include technology solutions, end-user education and industry cooperation to improve identity and security protocols on the Internet.

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March 18, 2005

AOL Selects HP for Support & Storage

HP, a technology solutions provider, yesterday announced that America Online, Inc., a provider of Internet technologies and e-commerce services, has selected HP in a competitive bid to be its provider of integrated support services for the company's server and storage technology.

As part of a three-year agreement, HP will provide maintenance and support services for equipment from HP and other vendors in AOL data centers across multiple U.S. locations. HP will manage support for more than 15,000 servers from multiple vendors, which includes support for 9,000 HP servers - including HP Integrity servers with Intel Itanium 2 processors and HP 9000, HP ProLiant and HP NonStop servers - as well as HP workstations.

"HP has been a long-time partner in helping America Online operate world-class services for AOL's customers," said David L. Cole, senior vice president of Systems Operations, America Online, Inc. "HP's flexible and collaborative approach and its ability to provide a single point of management for our multi-vendor environment will positively impact not just our infrastructure, but the speed with which we can respond to the needs of America Online's customers."

"AOL already had a sophisticated technology infrastructure in place, but it wanted to consolidate support contracts from different vendors to manage its server environment at strict service levels, under one service agreement," said Mike Rigodanzo, senior vice president, Technology Services, HP. "This relationship with HP will give AOL more streamlined service delivery, while providing clear savings and achieving simplification, standardization and modularity in its IT environment. These are the building blocks of an Adaptive Enterprise."

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