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March 29, 2005

Web Host 1&1 Registers 5 Millionth Domain

Domain registrar and Web hosting provider 1&1 Internet Inc. (1and1.co.uk) announced on Monday it has registered its 5 millionth domain name.

Since its 1992 inception in Germany, where it still maintains its world headquarters, 1&1 has gone on to command 40 percent share of the German market alone. In recent years, the company has significantly expanded its other operations in the United Kingdom, France, Austria, and the United States.

"It represents more than a decade of stability and growth that has allowed us to provide our customers with not only a domain, but the most feature-rich and affordable solutions for optimizing that domain," says Andreas Gauger, 1&1's Chairman of the Board. "Eclipsing the 5 million registration mark clearly indicates a significant global demand for the unique, one-stop-Internet-shop approach we first developed several years ago."

1&1's 5 millionth domain name was one of four registered by the Bethlehem Area Public Library in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The organization plans to use www.bestbooksale.org, www.bestbooksale.info, www.bestbooksale.net and www.bestbooksale.us to help promote six fundraising book sales it conducts annually.

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