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April 21, 2005

Aplus.Net Adds PDF2Web Tool

Web hosting and design firm Aplus.Net (aplus.net) announced on Thursday it has developed PDF2Web, a tool that converts Adobe PDF documents into standard HTML code-based Web pages.

Since PDF is the preferred format for print material like collateral, manuals, documentation, images and graphics, PDF2Web is well suited for converting from print materials to Web pages. HTML formatted text also allows for easier searching by site visitors. In some cases, businesses with large volumes of print material can convert it to full Web sites with little hassle.

"Our customers are savvy business owners who are typically very efficient and frugal. They would hate to trash all of their previous work and to start from a scratch designing their materials for the Web," says Aplus.Net CEO Ivan Vachovsky. "PDF2Web resolves the issue by allowing all printed materials to be posted at company’s Web site with a push of a button. This is yet another tool that Aplus.Net has added to help Web site owners save time and money."

PDF2Web is available for free to Web hosting customers, and is included as part of Aplus.Net’s control panel, Web sites, FTP accounts, registered domains and emails from one central location with a single log-in. The Control Panel is regularly updated with new tools and software, including the recently added blog publishing systems and community bulletin board software for Web site owners.

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