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April 25, 2005

LogicBoxes Launches Perl API Kit

LogicBoxes (www.logicboxes.com), a software and consultancy company, today announced the launch of a Perl API kit for OrderBox - the complete Automation Platform for ICANN accredited registrars and Web Hosting companies.

"LogicBoxes has been offering API Kits in 3 different platforms - .NET, Java and PHP. The introduction of the Perl API kit completes our offering, allowing our clients and their resellers to now integrate with our systems in the platform of their choice, and making us the only solutions provider offering API kits in all the 4 platforms" says Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, LogicBoxes.

The Perl API kit consists of a well organized set of libraries and complete example forms requiring no complex developer knowledge about interface implementations.

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April 22, 2005

Active 24 Releases Reseller Framework

European Web hosting provider Active 24 (active24.com) said on Thursday that it had released a new provisioning framework (mps.name), which enables partners to resell its hosting services.

Within the new framework, Active 24's partners will be able to virtually host Microsoft (microsoft.com) products such as Exchange and SharePoint. They will also be able to offer Live Communication Server based on Kerberos, dedicated servers and Linux-based solutions. The company says implementation of the framework can be completed within a single working day.

"With the launch of this framework, Active 24 can provide products more flexibly, reliably and quickly to the market," says Jan Sverre Larsen, chief operating officer of Active 24. "We believe this will be a great advantage for us as well as our partners in today's market, and a platform for future growth. Active 24 can with this innovative go-to-market strategy seek new revenue opportunities."

Active 24’s new framework is based on the Microsoft Provisioning System. The company has signed a deal with eQuest Technologies (eqinc.com), who is delivering the system for Microsoft as a preferred partner.

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April 21, 2005

Aplus.Net Adds PDF2Web Tool

Web hosting and design firm Aplus.Net (aplus.net) announced on Thursday it has developed PDF2Web, a tool that converts Adobe PDF documents into standard HTML code-based Web pages.

Since PDF is the preferred format for print material like collateral, manuals, documentation, images and graphics, PDF2Web is well suited for converting from print materials to Web pages. HTML formatted text also allows for easier searching by site visitors. In some cases, businesses with large volumes of print material can convert it to full Web sites with little hassle.

"Our customers are savvy business owners who are typically very efficient and frugal. They would hate to trash all of their previous work and to start from a scratch designing their materials for the Web," says Aplus.Net CEO Ivan Vachovsky. "PDF2Web resolves the issue by allowing all printed materials to be posted at company’s Web site with a push of a button. This is yet another tool that Aplus.Net has added to help Web site owners save time and money."

PDF2Web is available for free to Web hosting customers, and is included as part of Aplus.Net’s control panel, Web sites, FTP accounts, registered domains and emails from one central location with a single log-in. The Control Panel is regularly updated with new tools and software, including the recently added blog publishing systems and community bulletin board software for Web site owners.

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April 20, 2005

Cisco Buys Topspin for $250 Million

Cisco Systems (cisco.com) announced on Thursday that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Topspin Communications (topspin.com), a developer of server fabric switches, for $250 million in cash and options. Topspin and its 135 employees, split between California and India, will join Cisco's data center, switching and wireless technology group, led by senior vice president Luca Cafiero.

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April 19, 2005

The Web Host Industry Week in Review

The spring seems to be shopping season in the Web hosting business, as the flood of acquisition news carried with vigor into this week’s Industry announcements.

On Monday, Internet infrastructure and security provider VeriSign announced that it had completed its acquisition of wireless messaging and interoperability firm LightSurf, for $270 million in VeriSign stock. According to VeriSign, the addition of LightSurf’s technology is expected to enable the company to offer carriers a wireless utility that includes functions for picture messaging, multimedia messaging and inter-carrier messaging and interoperability. VeriSign will add 300 full-time LightSurf employees.


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April 18, 2005

Globat Web Hosting Review

Price Value 10/10
Performance 8/10
Reliability 8/10
Customer Support 8/10
Control Panel 7/10
User Feedback 8/10

Overall Score: 92%


Globat hosting is a niche hosting company dedicated to providing small and medium sized businesses, small organizations, web design novices and experienced webmasters with web hosting solutions at a lower cost than most of their competitors. This company has really moved up the charts in recent months due to excellent user feedback we have been recieving from our members, and an ever increasing feature set for web hosting. They have simply become the premier hosting company on the Internet. For example, their unlimited MYSQL databases is an attractive featue. Globat has excellent customer service and commitment to enhancing its hosting features while maintaining a high-value low-cost service.


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April 15, 2005

Top Layer Defends DNS Cache Poisoning

Security solution provider Top Layer Networks (toplayer.com) announced on Wednesday that its Attack Mitigator IPS 5500 can now be used as a defense against a new scam that preys on victims using "DNS Cache Poisoning."

The newest form of cyber-theft gives false information to DNS servers, allowing hackers to re-direct users to illegitimate Web sites. While in the past, links to fake Web sites were found in emails victims had to access themselves, "pharming" involves the subtle re-direction of a user's browser from a legitimate Web site to a hacker's "look alike" page.

The victim is under the impression that they are visiting a trusted Web site from their financial institution, when they are submitting personal data directly to a scammer. Using a built-in checking system, the IPS 5500 prevents customers from being redirected to a false site.

"In recent weeks there have been a number of DNS poisoning attacks that have all the earmarks of a proof-of-concept that has the potential to be the next wave of phishing scams" says Peter Randall, CEO and president of Top Layer Networks. "Internet service providers have an obligation to protect their DNS infrastructures from these sophisticated attacks or face the reality of possible liability as users' confidential information and financial accounts are compromised."

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April 14, 2005

West 49 Picks Web Host Radiant

Internet service and Web hosting provider Radiant Communications (radiant.net) announced on Wednesday that it would provide IP network access and application server hosting for West 49, a specialty sports apparel retailer.

Radiant will host West 49's new music download site and permission-based email application. Alex Specogna, IT manager for West 49, says Radiant was selected for its customer service and service level guarantees.

"West 49 is a leader and innovator in the way that they are applying IP technologies and the Internet in their business. We are very pleased that West 49 has selected Radiant for our services and our dedication to delivering great service," says Jim Grey, president and CEO for Radiant. "Radiant's success has been built on 'keeping IT simple' for businesses like West 49 by providing the total solution and expertise that they need."

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April 13, 2005

Verizon spills a few more bytes your way

3mb speed - call for FREE upgrade
Spotted by one of our evil anonymous users in the Verizon forum. Please see the topic for full details including restrictions, ifs and and buts. Comments and call experiences go in the topic, not here.

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April 12, 2005

The Death of Naked DSL

Powell's 'Last slap at competition'

DSLPrime's Dave Burstein says that Powell's "Last Slap at Competition" was the decision to kill obligatory naked DSL. "Requiring DSL users to buy $20 of local service from the bell is the kind of abusive tying antitrust laws should prohibit," says Burstein. After customers had had their DSL lines cancelled for switching local phone providers, several states enacted laws forcing carriers to provide DSL without the bundled local phone component. Those laws have been killed by the FCC.

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