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May 09, 2005

VIP PowerNet Launches Windows Web Hosting

VIP PowerNet, Inc ., an Internet service provider, today announced the addition of a Windows based solution to its suite of business class Web hosting services.

Geared toward small businesses, the new Web hosting product is offered in three different service plans, and features a Web hosting or ecommerce package, mailboxes and Web site traffic measurement, as well as options for domain name registration and a search engine submission.

The addition of Windows hosting meets the needs of today's small business customer whether the customer is marketing a service, product or business on the Internet or selling products online. Combining VIP PowerNet's customer service and support with Windows hosting provides a superior choice for small business customers establishing a presence online.

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May 06, 2005

FastServers.Net Launches Fantastico De Luxe for cPanel

FastServers.Net (www.fastservers.net) announced the addition of the popular Fantastico De Luxe add-on to its cPanel dedicated server line. Available immediately to existing customers and as an add-on for new customer Fantastico De Luxe offers web hosting companies and organizations the ability to add over 50 point and click scripts to hosting plans.

Clients and end users of Fantastico De Luxe are able to easily install ready to use E-Commerce, Groupware, Content Management, Auction, Project Management, Marketing, Blogs, and Photo Galleries on websites in less than 10 seconds.

With the end user in mind Fantastico De Luxe uses a installation procedure takes seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structures, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with complex dynamic application installation.

With more than 10,000 installations, Fantastico De Luxe has provided more than one million end users the ability to quickly install over 50+ of the leading open source content management systems into their web space.

"With the introduction of Fantastico De Luxe to our Linux cPanel Dedicated Server offerings, it is our hopes that new and existing customers will be able to expand business opportunities and become more competitive in the industry" says Aaron Phillips Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FastServers.Net.

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May 05, 2005

Remixing the Data Center

The way we build things has changed. And the changes occurred while we weren't looking. In fact, some of us haven't acknowledged the changes and run the risk of being left behind – or losing out on the advantages these changes may bring. The world of the remix – a borrowing and re-building process typically applied to music – has grown to include development in technology, inspiring work that directly impacts the data center.

You may not think of remixing as a data center concept, but it is. Open-source is the software branch of the new remix culture, in which one person builds upon the works of others to create something new, improved or altogether different.


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May 04, 2005

The FTC and Internet Law

There is not one distinct body of law that governs Web hosts’ rights and responsibilities. Nor is there one government agency charged with policing the Internet. This issue is relatively unique to the Internet, since the laws and regulations that actually – or may – apply come from many areas. Confronted with what appears to be a thicket of unconnected laws, it is understandable that many Web hosts’ legal compliance efforts are muddled, contradictory, or non-existent.

In the past, responses to Internet problems have come from legislative bodies, whether state legislatures or the US Congress. In recent years the Federal Trade Commission has taken an increasingly prominent role in responding to these problems. In some cases, such as with CAN-Spam, the response has been congressionally mandated. In others it has been based on the FTC’s jurisdiction over unfair and deceptive trade practices.


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May 03, 2005

SplashDot Selects Fusepoint

Fusepoint Managed Services announced delivery model partnership with Vancouver-based interactive relationship marketing solution provider SplashDot. Under the partner delivery model, SplashDot is able to guarantee the security of its online contests and promotions to customers with Fusepoint benefiting from exposure to new business opportunities every time SplashDot sells the security capabilities of its application.


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May 02, 2005

VitalStream Acquires PlayStream

VitalStream Holdings Inc. today announced that it has acquired the business of PlayStream, LLC, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The combination of PlayStream's small business streaming platform with VitalStream's enterprise streaming solutions will provide customers with a scalable solution for delivering their digital media content on the Internet. Together, VitalStream and PlayStream will offer a self-service platform suited for SMB, SOHO, and resellers. This service will be offered under the PlayStream brand.


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