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May 04, 2005

The FTC and Internet Law

There is not one distinct body of law that governs Web hosts’ rights and responsibilities. Nor is there one government agency charged with policing the Internet. This issue is relatively unique to the Internet, since the laws and regulations that actually – or may – apply come from many areas. Confronted with what appears to be a thicket of unconnected laws, it is understandable that many Web hosts’ legal compliance efforts are muddled, contradictory, or non-existent.

In the past, responses to Internet problems have come from legislative bodies, whether state legislatures or the US Congress. In recent years the Federal Trade Commission has taken an increasingly prominent role in responding to these problems. In some cases, such as with CAN-Spam, the response has been congressionally mandated. In others it has been based on the FTC’s jurisdiction over unfair and deceptive trade practices.


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