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September 28, 2005

Consonus Offers Free Data Center Hosting Services

Consonus, Inc., a provider of data center and managed services, today announced that it is offering free web hosting services to businesses affected by Hurricane Katrina.

To qualify for aid, businesses must be based in one of the three states of Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama. Consonus claims that although its data center is large enough to support other regional businesses, the free offer includes one rack per business with a 20 Amp circuit. Significant discounts will be available for qualifying customers with larger space requirements. Consonus' fault tolerant data centers are designed to be protected from natural and manmade disasters, allowing these companies to conduct daily business without further risk, claims the company. The free services will be available to businesses till the end of the year.

"Consonus is committed to doing everything we can to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina," said Daniel Milburn, Chief Operating Officer, Consonus. "By offering free web hosting services to companies that have been affected in the area, we hope to alleviate some of the hardships they are experiencing, while trying to rebuild their businesses and lives."

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September 27, 2005

The Wi-Fi World

It's already well understood that the Internet is everywhere – we refer, after all, to the World Wide Web. But wireless networking technology added a new sort of ubiquity to the Internet, making it accessible in a new, and even more pervasive way. Now, the network really is everywhere, as wireless routers project their invisible signals from even the most unassuming spots.

The development and proliferation of wireless hot spots means that a traveling worker with a wi-fi-capable laptop, or other device, is rarely more than a few blocks from tapping into an available network.

Companies providing commercial hot spots cater to those traveling types, setting up connecting points at airports, hotels and cafes around the world – and countless stores, restaurants and other services have set up their own independent networks, often allowing access for free.


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September 26, 2005

Nine Systems Delivers Amazon Events

As the realms of media and entertainment continue to converge with technology, joining traditional mediums of television and radio with broadband streaming, a rising and unprecedented demand for content delivery networks has emerged.

In fact, broadband as a distribution system has become so popular that Web-based companies like Amazon and AOL are no longer simply taking on third-party content to distribute, but are producing offline content of their own.


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September 23, 2005

Interland Helps 101 Concepts Restaurant Group Serve Up Online Results

Interland Helps 101 Concepts Restaurant Group Serve Up Delicious Websites and Email Marketing Programs That "Hit the Spot"

Interland a leading provider of websites and online services for small and medium- sized businesses, working with Melissa Libby & Associates, has helped some of Atlanta's most popular restaurants - including Food 101, Meehan's Public House, and SoHo - succeed online.

Just 18 months after launching five websites - one for each dining establishment - 101 Concepts, an Atlanta restaurant group, reports the Web has been vital in its restaurants' increases in patronage and customer communications. As an Interland Website Built To Order customer, 101 Concepts was able to launch five professionally designed sites in about 30 days. All of the websites are maintained and updated using Interland SiteBuilde(TM), a comprehensive do- it-yourself website building and maintenance tool.

Melissa Libby, owner of Melissa Libby & Associates, and her team manage all five 101 Concepts websites, operating www.101concepts.com as the gateway website for all three restaurants and the catering unit of 101 Concepts. Libby's staff has been pleasantly surprised that seamless site maintenance did not require extensive knowledge of Web design.
"Without technical expertise, I was hesitant to take over the five websites. But with only a one-hour tutorial, we realized how intuitive Interland services are for the end user," says Libby. "We can now keep the site content fresh, posting news about local events, menu changes and 101 Concepts recipes that customers can download for free. In addition, we can run reports on sites' activities-including how many monthly visitors we get and which pages those visitors find most appealing-an advantage that we use to measure the success of our marketing strategies."


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September 22, 2005

Skaffe.com Begins Free Weblog Hosting

Skaffe.com Directory introduces the addition of Free Skaffe Blog Hosting to its service menu.

This unique weblog service will be available to all users from Skaffe's homepage at www.skaffe.com in the Skaffe Services area linked as "Skaffe Blogs". The blogging service provides Skaffe the opportunity to increase marketing and advertising exposure for the Skaffe Directory, Skaffe advertisers, and Skaffe users.

Investment and management groups of Skaffe.com, a leading search directory, authorized the introduction of blog, or Weblog, hosting services today. The introduction of hosted blogging services is one of many enhancements made in the third quarter of 2005 with the intent of expanding Skaffe’s services to users, branding, advertising reach, and market share. The introduction follows the recent announcements of Skaffe 1 Gigabyte Webmail, acquisition of Sporge.com, and Skaffe Professional Web Hosting at Skaffe2.com.

A Weblog is an online journal that allows users and visitors to share opinions, news, reflections, links and biographical information. The Skaffe Weblog script acts as a third-party host allowing anyone to have an Internet presence. The Skaffe Weblog Hosting script features 26 easy-to-use templates, or customized templates for unique looks. New blog entries are easily accomplished using a Windows-style, feature-packed entry system. A category option helps keep blogs neat and organized. Comments on blogs are easily controlled through user administration panels. Popular RSS feeds are available for all blogs. The script can also send pings to popular blog indexing services.

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September 21, 2005

Tips On Security & Other Issues

Hostway's Free Webcast Offers Tips On Security & Other Issues Facing Small Businesses.

Hostway Offers a Live Web Seminar to Educate Small Businesses on the Issues of Compliance and Security as They Relate to Information Technology and the Internet

It is becoming increasingly crucial for small businesses to understand the impact of regulations and legislation affecting their information technology operations, and to stay abreast of Internet and IT-related security threats. To help educate small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) on these issues, Hostway Corp., a global leader in Web hosting and managed services, will hold a live audio Webcast on September 27, 2005, at 10:30 a.m./CDT. This Webcast will explore compliance and security issues facing SMBs, strategies to address these issues and ways to use these issues to gain a competitive advantage.


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September 19, 2005

Portal bid drives eBay Skype deal

At first glance, auction giant eBay and net phone firm Skype seem to have little in common apart from the fact that both do almost all of their business online.

eBay is a giant marketplace used by more than 100 million people to buy and sell all manner of things to each other.

In comparison, Skype has about 53 million users who make cheap phone calls via the service that relies on the net to carry the conversations.

Certainly, many analysts have questioned why eBay splashed out $2.6bn (£1.4bn) to buy Skype.


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