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September 23, 2005

Interland Helps 101 Concepts Restaurant Group Serve Up Online Results

Interland Helps 101 Concepts Restaurant Group Serve Up Delicious Websites and Email Marketing Programs That "Hit the Spot"

Interland a leading provider of websites and online services for small and medium- sized businesses, working with Melissa Libby & Associates, has helped some of Atlanta's most popular restaurants - including Food 101, Meehan's Public House, and SoHo - succeed online.

Just 18 months after launching five websites - one for each dining establishment - 101 Concepts, an Atlanta restaurant group, reports the Web has been vital in its restaurants' increases in patronage and customer communications. As an Interland Website Built To Order customer, 101 Concepts was able to launch five professionally designed sites in about 30 days. All of the websites are maintained and updated using Interland SiteBuilde(TM), a comprehensive do- it-yourself website building and maintenance tool.

Melissa Libby, owner of Melissa Libby & Associates, and her team manage all five 101 Concepts websites, operating www.101concepts.com as the gateway website for all three restaurants and the catering unit of 101 Concepts. Libby's staff has been pleasantly surprised that seamless site maintenance did not require extensive knowledge of Web design.
"Without technical expertise, I was hesitant to take over the five websites. But with only a one-hour tutorial, we realized how intuitive Interland services are for the end user," says Libby. "We can now keep the site content fresh, posting news about local events, menu changes and 101 Concepts recipes that customers can download for free. In addition, we can run reports on sites' activities-including how many monthly visitors we get and which pages those visitors find most appealing-an advantage that we use to measure the success of our marketing strategies."


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