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September 22, 2005

Skaffe.com Begins Free Weblog Hosting

Skaffe.com Directory introduces the addition of Free Skaffe Blog Hosting to its service menu.

This unique weblog service will be available to all users from Skaffe's homepage at www.skaffe.com in the Skaffe Services area linked as "Skaffe Blogs". The blogging service provides Skaffe the opportunity to increase marketing and advertising exposure for the Skaffe Directory, Skaffe advertisers, and Skaffe users.

Investment and management groups of Skaffe.com, a leading search directory, authorized the introduction of blog, or Weblog, hosting services today. The introduction of hosted blogging services is one of many enhancements made in the third quarter of 2005 with the intent of expanding Skaffe’s services to users, branding, advertising reach, and market share. The introduction follows the recent announcements of Skaffe 1 Gigabyte Webmail, acquisition of Sporge.com, and Skaffe Professional Web Hosting at Skaffe2.com.

A Weblog is an online journal that allows users and visitors to share opinions, news, reflections, links and biographical information. The Skaffe Weblog script acts as a third-party host allowing anyone to have an Internet presence. The Skaffe Weblog Hosting script features 26 easy-to-use templates, or customized templates for unique looks. New blog entries are easily accomplished using a Windows-style, feature-packed entry system. A category option helps keep blogs neat and organized. Comments on blogs are easily controlled through user administration panels. Popular RSS feeds are available for all blogs. The script can also send pings to popular blog indexing services.

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