September 26, 2005

Nine Systems Delivers Amazon Events

As the realms of media and entertainment continue to converge with technology, joining traditional mediums of television and radio with broadband streaming, a rising and unprecedented demand for content delivery networks has emerged.

In fact, broadband as a distribution system has become so popular that Web-based companies like Amazon and AOL are no longer simply taking on third-party content to distribute, but are producing offline content of their own.


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September 23, 2005

Interland Helps 101 Concepts Restaurant Group Serve Up Online Results

Interland Helps 101 Concepts Restaurant Group Serve Up Delicious Websites and Email Marketing Programs That "Hit the Spot"

Interland a leading provider of websites and online services for small and medium- sized businesses, working with Melissa Libby & Associates, has helped some of Atlanta's most popular restaurants - including Food 101, Meehan's Public House, and SoHo - succeed online.

Just 18 months after launching five websites - one for each dining establishment - 101 Concepts, an Atlanta restaurant group, reports the Web has been vital in its restaurants' increases in patronage and customer communications. As an Interland Website Built To Order customer, 101 Concepts was able to launch five professionally designed sites in about 30 days. All of the websites are maintained and updated using Interland SiteBuilde(TM), a comprehensive do- it-yourself website building and maintenance tool.

Melissa Libby, owner of Melissa Libby & Associates, and her team manage all five 101 Concepts websites, operating as the gateway website for all three restaurants and the catering unit of 101 Concepts. Libby's staff has been pleasantly surprised that seamless site maintenance did not require extensive knowledge of Web design.
"Without technical expertise, I was hesitant to take over the five websites. But with only a one-hour tutorial, we realized how intuitive Interland services are for the end user," says Libby. "We can now keep the site content fresh, posting news about local events, menu changes and 101 Concepts recipes that customers can download for free. In addition, we can run reports on sites' activities-including how many monthly visitors we get and which pages those visitors find most appealing-an advantage that we use to measure the success of our marketing strategies."


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June 22, 2005

US Internet Announces Nationwide Web Hosting Charity Program

US Internet announces nationwide web hosting charity program; all non-profit children's charities able to receive free web hosting.

US Internet, an international Internet and hosting provider (, today announced a nationwide web hosting charity program that includes free web hosting for all non-profit organizations whose primary beneficiaries are children.

To qualify for US Internet's Children's Charity Web Hosting Program, charities must be a 501(c)(3) organization, as set forth by the IRS, with virtual web hosting needs that don't exceed 50 Megabytes. US Internet is offering dedicated hosting or shared hosting in its highly secure, state-of-the-art data center with tech support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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May 05, 2005

Remixing the Data Center

The way we build things has changed. And the changes occurred while we weren't looking. In fact, some of us haven't acknowledged the changes and run the risk of being left behind – or losing out on the advantages these changes may bring. The world of the remix – a borrowing and re-building process typically applied to music – has grown to include development in technology, inspiring work that directly impacts the data center.

You may not think of remixing as a data center concept, but it is. Open-source is the software branch of the new remix culture, in which one person builds upon the works of others to create something new, improved or altogether different.


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May 04, 2005

The FTC and Internet Law

There is not one distinct body of law that governs Web hosts’ rights and responsibilities. Nor is there one government agency charged with policing the Internet. This issue is relatively unique to the Internet, since the laws and regulations that actually – or may – apply come from many areas. Confronted with what appears to be a thicket of unconnected laws, it is understandable that many Web hosts’ legal compliance efforts are muddled, contradictory, or non-existent.

In the past, responses to Internet problems have come from legislative bodies, whether state legislatures or the US Congress. In recent years the Federal Trade Commission has taken an increasingly prominent role in responding to these problems. In some cases, such as with CAN-Spam, the response has been congressionally mandated. In others it has been based on the FTC’s jurisdiction over unfair and deceptive trade practices.


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May 03, 2005

SplashDot Selects Fusepoint

Fusepoint Managed Services announced delivery model partnership with Vancouver-based interactive relationship marketing solution provider SplashDot. Under the partner delivery model, SplashDot is able to guarantee the security of its online contests and promotions to customers with Fusepoint benefiting from exposure to new business opportunities every time SplashDot sells the security capabilities of its application.


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April 25, 2005

LogicBoxes Launches Perl API Kit

LogicBoxes (, a software and consultancy company, today announced the launch of a Perl API kit for OrderBox - the complete Automation Platform for ICANN accredited registrars and Web Hosting companies.

"LogicBoxes has been offering API Kits in 3 different platforms - .NET, Java and PHP. The introduction of the Perl API kit completes our offering, allowing our clients and their resellers to now integrate with our systems in the platform of their choice, and making us the only solutions provider offering API kits in all the 4 platforms" says Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, LogicBoxes.

The Perl API kit consists of a well organized set of libraries and complete example forms requiring no complex developer knowledge about interface implementations.

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April 21, 2005

Aplus.Net Adds PDF2Web Tool

Web hosting and design firm Aplus.Net ( announced on Thursday it has developed PDF2Web, a tool that converts Adobe PDF documents into standard HTML code-based Web pages.

Since PDF is the preferred format for print material like collateral, manuals, documentation, images and graphics, PDF2Web is well suited for converting from print materials to Web pages. HTML formatted text also allows for easier searching by site visitors. In some cases, businesses with large volumes of print material can convert it to full Web sites with little hassle.

"Our customers are savvy business owners who are typically very efficient and frugal. They would hate to trash all of their previous work and to start from a scratch designing their materials for the Web," says Aplus.Net CEO Ivan Vachovsky. "PDF2Web resolves the issue by allowing all printed materials to be posted at company’s Web site with a push of a button. This is yet another tool that Aplus.Net has added to help Web site owners save time and money."

PDF2Web is available for free to Web hosting customers, and is included as part of Aplus.Net’s control panel, Web sites, FTP accounts, registered domains and emails from one central location with a single log-in. The Control Panel is regularly updated with new tools and software, including the recently added blog publishing systems and community bulletin board software for Web site owners.

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April 15, 2005

Top Layer Defends DNS Cache Poisoning

Security solution provider Top Layer Networks ( announced on Wednesday that its Attack Mitigator IPS 5500 can now be used as a defense against a new scam that preys on victims using "DNS Cache Poisoning."

The newest form of cyber-theft gives false information to DNS servers, allowing hackers to re-direct users to illegitimate Web sites. While in the past, links to fake Web sites were found in emails victims had to access themselves, "pharming" involves the subtle re-direction of a user's browser from a legitimate Web site to a hacker's "look alike" page.

The victim is under the impression that they are visiting a trusted Web site from their financial institution, when they are submitting personal data directly to a scammer. Using a built-in checking system, the IPS 5500 prevents customers from being redirected to a false site.

"In recent weeks there have been a number of DNS poisoning attacks that have all the earmarks of a proof-of-concept that has the potential to be the next wave of phishing scams" says Peter Randall, CEO and president of Top Layer Networks. "Internet service providers have an obligation to protect their DNS infrastructures from these sophisticated attacks or face the reality of possible liability as users' confidential information and financial accounts are compromised."

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April 11, 2005

Host Designs Launches Instant Web Design Quote System

Isn't it frustrating to try to find a web design company and get a quote instantly? Most web designers won't provide an instant quote because the designer ends up making less money. Some designers provide limited packages, and customers get hit for "extras" added to the package. Now is your chance to get a competitive design quote at cut-rate prices. You'll spend less money, but will get our same service we have provided since 1999. Our instant quote system lets you select common features, so you get exactly what you want. Our design and development work is completely custom, so if you want something you don't see, we can develop that too. The instant quote system helps you get your quote without hassles.

To access our instant quote system, log on to our site directly at

The Internet is a great place for you to start your own business, promote your existing company, or offer services to the general public. Unless you are technically savvy, the Internet can be a very confusing place. Especially when you are trying to figure out how to get your idea on the web. There are so many pieces to the Internet puzzle, hence the term "web" is often used to describe the Internet. Most people don't want to understand all the technical jargon associated with the web and there is no reason they should. As a technical company, we include technical information for those who understand it, but if you happen to be one of the many who don't, just simply give us a call or send us some e-mail. We will be glad to help you untangle the web! We can help you take your "golden idea", and make it successful on the web, all at competitive prices.

Host Designs is an Internet company that specializes in web hosting and web design. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers the best solution to their Internet needs. Our devotion is to the customer. Isn't it about time you were treated as important as you really are? We work closely with you to get the project done, because if you don't succeed, we don't succeed. Why not let us help you take your company to its full potential!

Host Designs is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The company strives to help companies establish a web presence by offering top services at competitive prices. We are here to help you untangle the web!

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