September 28, 2005

Consonus Offers Free Data Center Hosting Services

Consonus, Inc., a provider of data center and managed services, today announced that it is offering free web hosting services to businesses affected by Hurricane Katrina.

To qualify for aid, businesses must be based in one of the three states of Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama. Consonus claims that although its data center is large enough to support other regional businesses, the free offer includes one rack per business with a 20 Amp circuit. Significant discounts will be available for qualifying customers with larger space requirements. Consonus' fault tolerant data centers are designed to be protected from natural and manmade disasters, allowing these companies to conduct daily business without further risk, claims the company. The free services will be available to businesses till the end of the year.

"Consonus is committed to doing everything we can to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina," said Daniel Milburn, Chief Operating Officer, Consonus. "By offering free web hosting services to companies that have been affected in the area, we hope to alleviate some of the hardships they are experiencing, while trying to rebuild their businesses and lives."

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September 22, 2005 Begins Free Weblog Hosting Directory introduces the addition of Free Skaffe Blog Hosting to its service menu.

This unique weblog service will be available to all users from Skaffe's homepage at in the Skaffe Services area linked as "Skaffe Blogs". The blogging service provides Skaffe the opportunity to increase marketing and advertising exposure for the Skaffe Directory, Skaffe advertisers, and Skaffe users.

Investment and management groups of, a leading search directory, authorized the introduction of blog, or Weblog, hosting services today. The introduction of hosted blogging services is one of many enhancements made in the third quarter of 2005 with the intent of expanding Skaffe’s services to users, branding, advertising reach, and market share. The introduction follows the recent announcements of Skaffe 1 Gigabyte Webmail, acquisition of, and Skaffe Professional Web Hosting at

A Weblog is an online journal that allows users and visitors to share opinions, news, reflections, links and biographical information. The Skaffe Weblog script acts as a third-party host allowing anyone to have an Internet presence. The Skaffe Weblog Hosting script features 26 easy-to-use templates, or customized templates for unique looks. New blog entries are easily accomplished using a Windows-style, feature-packed entry system. A category option helps keep blogs neat and organized. Comments on blogs are easily controlled through user administration panels. Popular RSS feeds are available for all blogs. The script can also send pings to popular blog indexing services.

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June 22, 2005

US Internet Announces Nationwide Web Hosting Charity Program

US Internet announces nationwide web hosting charity program; all non-profit children's charities able to receive free web hosting.

US Internet, an international Internet and hosting provider (, today announced a nationwide web hosting charity program that includes free web hosting for all non-profit organizations whose primary beneficiaries are children.

To qualify for US Internet's Children's Charity Web Hosting Program, charities must be a 501(c)(3) organization, as set forth by the IRS, with virtual web hosting needs that don't exceed 50 Megabytes. US Internet is offering dedicated hosting or shared hosting in its highly secure, state-of-the-art data center with tech support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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May 09, 2005

VIP PowerNet Launches Windows Web Hosting

VIP PowerNet, Inc ., an Internet service provider, today announced the addition of a Windows based solution to its suite of business class Web hosting services.

Geared toward small businesses, the new Web hosting product is offered in three different service plans, and features a Web hosting or ecommerce package, mailboxes and Web site traffic measurement, as well as options for domain name registration and a search engine submission.

The addition of Windows hosting meets the needs of today's small business customer whether the customer is marketing a service, product or business on the Internet or selling products online. Combining VIP PowerNet's customer service and support with Windows hosting provides a superior choice for small business customers establishing a presence online.

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May 06, 2005

FastServers.Net Launches Fantastico De Luxe for cPanel

FastServers.Net ( announced the addition of the popular Fantastico De Luxe add-on to its cPanel dedicated server line. Available immediately to existing customers and as an add-on for new customer Fantastico De Luxe offers web hosting companies and organizations the ability to add over 50 point and click scripts to hosting plans.

Clients and end users of Fantastico De Luxe are able to easily install ready to use E-Commerce, Groupware, Content Management, Auction, Project Management, Marketing, Blogs, and Photo Galleries on websites in less than 10 seconds.

With the end user in mind Fantastico De Luxe uses a installation procedure takes seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structures, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with complex dynamic application installation.

With more than 10,000 installations, Fantastico De Luxe has provided more than one million end users the ability to quickly install over 50+ of the leading open source content management systems into their web space.

"With the introduction of Fantastico De Luxe to our Linux cPanel Dedicated Server offerings, it is our hopes that new and existing customers will be able to expand business opportunities and become more competitive in the industry" says Aaron Phillips Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FastServers.Net.

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April 19, 2005

The Web Host Industry Week in Review

The spring seems to be shopping season in the Web hosting business, as the flood of acquisition news carried with vigor into this week’s Industry announcements.

On Monday, Internet infrastructure and security provider VeriSign announced that it had completed its acquisition of wireless messaging and interoperability firm LightSurf, for $270 million in VeriSign stock. According to VeriSign, the addition of LightSurf’s technology is expected to enable the company to offer carriers a wireless utility that includes functions for picture messaging, multimedia messaging and inter-carrier messaging and interoperability. VeriSign will add 300 full-time LightSurf employees.


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April 18, 2005

Globat Web Hosting Review

Price Value 10/10
Performance 8/10
Reliability 8/10
Customer Support 8/10
Control Panel 7/10
User Feedback 8/10

Overall Score: 92%


Globat hosting is a niche hosting company dedicated to providing small and medium sized businesses, small organizations, web design novices and experienced webmasters with web hosting solutions at a lower cost than most of their competitors. This company has really moved up the charts in recent months due to excellent user feedback we have been recieving from our members, and an ever increasing feature set for web hosting. They have simply become the premier hosting company on the Internet. For example, their unlimited MYSQL databases is an attractive featue. Globat has excellent customer service and commitment to enhancing its hosting features while maintaining a high-value low-cost service.


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April 15, 2005

Top Layer Defends DNS Cache Poisoning

Security solution provider Top Layer Networks ( announced on Wednesday that its Attack Mitigator IPS 5500 can now be used as a defense against a new scam that preys on victims using "DNS Cache Poisoning."

The newest form of cyber-theft gives false information to DNS servers, allowing hackers to re-direct users to illegitimate Web sites. While in the past, links to fake Web sites were found in emails victims had to access themselves, "pharming" involves the subtle re-direction of a user's browser from a legitimate Web site to a hacker's "look alike" page.

The victim is under the impression that they are visiting a trusted Web site from their financial institution, when they are submitting personal data directly to a scammer. Using a built-in checking system, the IPS 5500 prevents customers from being redirected to a false site.

"In recent weeks there have been a number of DNS poisoning attacks that have all the earmarks of a proof-of-concept that has the potential to be the next wave of phishing scams" says Peter Randall, CEO and president of Top Layer Networks. "Internet service providers have an obligation to protect their DNS infrastructures from these sophisticated attacks or face the reality of possible liability as users' confidential information and financial accounts are compromised."

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April 14, 2005

West 49 Picks Web Host Radiant

Internet service and Web hosting provider Radiant Communications ( announced on Wednesday that it would provide IP network access and application server hosting for West 49, a specialty sports apparel retailer.

Radiant will host West 49's new music download site and permission-based email application. Alex Specogna, IT manager for West 49, says Radiant was selected for its customer service and service level guarantees.

"West 49 is a leader and innovator in the way that they are applying IP technologies and the Internet in their business. We are very pleased that West 49 has selected Radiant for our services and our dedication to delivering great service," says Jim Grey, president and CEO for Radiant. "Radiant's success has been built on 'keeping IT simple' for businesses like West 49 by providing the total solution and expertise that they need."

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April 07, 2005

Endurance Purchases FatCow Web Hosting

FatCow Web Hosting ( announced that the company sold its assets to Endurance International, a Boston area group. The final terms of the acquisition by Endurance International Group Inc. were completed in October of 2004. In March FatCow's facilities was moved to Endurance's Datacenter in Massachusetts.

"I hope it just continues to grow and customers are delighted," says company CEO and founder Jackie Fewell, who is now an Endurance vice president of marketing. She also shared that the acquisition was a really exiting event.

"We really thought that they had figured out how to address their market segment," says Endurance International CEO Steve Sydness.

FatCow's revenues over the past couple of years grew by about 25 percent annually and from 2003 to 2004. The company has chosen because of its strong branding and steady growth.

Between 2001 and 2004, FatCow increased clients accounts from 4,367 to more than 33,000. FatCow provides web hosting services in 80 countries. Net//works!, a FatCow's Web hosting company was also sold.

The brand name, FatCow, will continue to exist because of the equity the name has among its customers and in the region. FatCow's technical staff will run a customer support call center.

FatCow and Endurance both provide Web-hosting services - computer servers and expertise required to support Web sites, e-mail and e-commerce.

FatCow will retain its brand name, and a marketing and technical presence in Albuquerque, N.M.

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