September 27, 2005

The Wi-Fi World

It's already well understood that the Internet is everywhere – we refer, after all, to the World Wide Web. But wireless networking technology added a new sort of ubiquity to the Internet, making it accessible in a new, and even more pervasive way. Now, the network really is everywhere, as wireless routers project their invisible signals from even the most unassuming spots.

The development and proliferation of wireless hot spots means that a traveling worker with a wi-fi-capable laptop, or other device, is rarely more than a few blocks from tapping into an available network.

Companies providing commercial hot spots cater to those traveling types, setting up connecting points at airports, hotels and cafes around the world – and countless stores, restaurants and other services have set up their own independent networks, often allowing access for free.


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April 11, 2005

Host Designs Launches Instant Web Design Quote System

Isn't it frustrating to try to find a web design company and get a quote instantly? Most web designers won't provide an instant quote because the designer ends up making less money. Some designers provide limited packages, and customers get hit for "extras" added to the package. Now is your chance to get a competitive design quote at cut-rate prices. You'll spend less money, but will get our same service we have provided since 1999. Our instant quote system lets you select common features, so you get exactly what you want. Our design and development work is completely custom, so if you want something you don't see, we can develop that too. The instant quote system helps you get your quote without hassles.

To access our instant quote system, log on to our site directly at

The Internet is a great place for you to start your own business, promote your existing company, or offer services to the general public. Unless you are technically savvy, the Internet can be a very confusing place. Especially when you are trying to figure out how to get your idea on the web. There are so many pieces to the Internet puzzle, hence the term "web" is often used to describe the Internet. Most people don't want to understand all the technical jargon associated with the web and there is no reason they should. As a technical company, we include technical information for those who understand it, but if you happen to be one of the many who don't, just simply give us a call or send us some e-mail. We will be glad to help you untangle the web! We can help you take your "golden idea", and make it successful on the web, all at competitive prices.

Host Designs is an Internet company that specializes in web hosting and web design. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers the best solution to their Internet needs. Our devotion is to the customer. Isn't it about time you were treated as important as you really are? We work closely with you to get the project done, because if you don't succeed, we don't succeed. Why not let us help you take your company to its full potential!

Host Designs is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The company strives to help companies establish a web presence by offering top services at competitive prices. We are here to help you untangle the web!

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April 06, 2005

The Planet Deploys TippingPoint Security Solutions for Websites

As large enterprises struggle against cyber threats, The Planet, a leading provider of Internet and hosting services in Dallas, achieved superior security with Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) from TippingPoint, a division of 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS - News). The advanced solution was the only product that could operate effectively in The Planet's ultra high-volume environment, where gigabits of traffic at any moment access one million customer Websites residing on the firm's 23,000 servers.

The TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems prevent malicious traffic like viruses, worms and other threats from entering The Planet's network and its customers' networks, home to 10,000 clients, which range from individuals to multinational corporations. The Planet is one of the fastest data centers in the world, with aggregate throughput of over 16 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of traffic per data center. TippingPoint's IPS delivers the most thorough and preemptive security available without degrading performance.

"Our customers depend on The Planet to safeguard their networks and Websites, and now that we've deployed the TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems, we are doing so with even greater confidence and an unparalleled level of security," said John Bradberry, vice president of information security at The Planet. "We're also improving our market position by demonstrating security as a clear differentiator over our competitors."

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March 18, 2005

AOL Selects HP for Support & Storage

HP, a technology solutions provider, yesterday announced that America Online, Inc., a provider of Internet technologies and e-commerce services, has selected HP in a competitive bid to be its provider of integrated support services for the company's server and storage technology.

As part of a three-year agreement, HP will provide maintenance and support services for equipment from HP and other vendors in AOL data centers across multiple U.S. locations. HP will manage support for more than 15,000 servers from multiple vendors, which includes support for 9,000 HP servers - including HP Integrity servers with Intel Itanium 2 processors and HP 9000, HP ProLiant and HP NonStop servers - as well as HP workstations.

"HP has been a long-time partner in helping America Online operate world-class services for AOL's customers," said David L. Cole, senior vice president of Systems Operations, America Online, Inc. "HP's flexible and collaborative approach and its ability to provide a single point of management for our multi-vendor environment will positively impact not just our infrastructure, but the speed with which we can respond to the needs of America Online's customers."

"AOL already had a sophisticated technology infrastructure in place, but it wanted to consolidate support contracts from different vendors to manage its server environment at strict service levels, under one service agreement," said Mike Rigodanzo, senior vice president, Technology Services, HP. "This relationship with HP will give AOL more streamlined service delivery, while providing clear savings and achieving simplification, standardization and modularity in its IT environment. These are the building blocks of an Adaptive Enterprise."

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January 11, 2005

New optical disk offers huge storage

A Japanese electronics giant has developed an optical disk with a storage capacity of up to 510 gigabytes - or just more than half a terabyte.

With its huge storage capacity, Pioneer's 12cm thick silver platter will store the amount of data that would require 100 typical DVDs today. An ultraviolet laser will be used to write to the disk.

In order to attain such storage capacity, scientists had to develop a new laser technology, which emits shorter wavelengths raised than blue lasers, the type used today for the highest-capacity optical disks.

The new ultraviolet laser beam allows "data holes," which are used to store data on optical disks, to be separated by only 70 nanometres, about 20 times better than with blue lasers.

While such a high storage capacity sounds impressive today, it may leave users still wanting more when they find out that such a disk can only hold about 3.5 hours of high-definition television programming.

It is not yet clear when the new high-capacity disks, or the technology necessary to write to them, will be in stores.

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November 22, 2004

Jingle Bells, C I Host's

Just like Santa Clause coming down the chimney and putting gifts under the tree, C I Host's "eBusiness in a Box" will keep putting money in your pockets even while you are asleep.

With a professional eCommerce web site, your customers can keep buying your products 24-7, boosting your bottom line while you run your business - or sleep!

All wrapped up and tied with a bow, "eBusiness in a Box" gives you a custom-designed web site with an online shopping system, domain registration and web hosting for a year - all for $349.

"We know how important it is for small and medium sized businesses to have the top quality, reliable and flexible Internet tools," said Christopher Faulkner, CEO of C I Host. "We take the hassle out of creating an online business presence so our customers can do what they do best - run their businesses."


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November 04, 2004

Fantastico Bundles Website Creation tool

For a limited time Fantastico will offer their customers Soholaunch Pro Server Base as an included feature for a trial period at no additional cost., Inc., a provider of website creation and content management software, yesterday announced that, a web site management and web publishing solutions provider, has included the company's website creation tool - Soholaunch Pro Server Edition in Netenberg's Fantastico De Luxe which is an auto-installation solution being offered by dedicated servers suppliers.

Fantastico De Luxe users now have the ability to add the complete Soholaunch website creation and content management system. For a limited time, Fantastico will be offering their customers Soholaunch Pro Server Base as an included feature for a trial period at no additional cost and also a special introductory discount on other available Soholaunch Pro Server licenses.


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November 03, 2004

Choosing a Dedicated Server

When choosing your next dedicated server it's important to make sure you are always comparing apples to apples. Often shoppers searching on price alone find themselves months into their deal frustrated with lack of service, while others use overkill, and end up paying for services never even used. For the very basics, here are a few things to consider for your next dedicated server.

Operating System
Your choice of platform will depend to a large extent on the types of applications you are using and the skills and knowledge you already possess. The two most well known operating systems are Windows 2000 and Unix (which includes the Linux, and Solaris platforms). Typically your purpose for the server will determine what platform you will need. If you are looking for a cost effective way to host a bunch of web sites, Unix is probably your best bet. If you have a site that uses ASP and needs Microsoft SQL server then you are going to need a Windows server. If you are using a dedicated server for something like an email server or a firewall then it can really boil down to what you are most comfortable with. There are great applications for these cases available for both Unix and Windows environments.

Data Transfer / Bandwidth
Data transfer options are getting more and more generous as the industry gets more and more competitive. Beware, just because a host says you can have unlimited transfer, does not necessarily guarantee that they can make it available. Most dedicated server plans are going to offer anywhere from 50 - 500 GB of transfer each month. Take note of who each host uses for their internet connectivity. A dedicated server provider should have at least 2 redundant internet connections from various providers but most have even more than that these days.

Managed Services
Look for our upcoming feature about managed vs unmanaged dedicated hosting services - so we won't go into great details here but - be sure you know what managed services you will need from your provider and whether or not it is included with your plan. For example, some hosts may perform various monitoring, upgrade and backup services with your plan, while some provide nothing but the server. A crude analogy may be something like renting a parking space in a big city - some places may charge the battery once a month, wash it and make sure your radio does not get stolen, while others may simply be providing a place for you to park your car.

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