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November 13, 2004

The Watch That Sprays

If Batman’s nemesis, Poison Ivy, was ever comissioned to create her very own watch, she’d probably come up with this stainless steel watch with a hidden spray nozzle connected to an integrated tank at the back of the case.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t exist, and the likelihood of her ever getting licensed seems pretty slim, so we’ll have to settle for the unimaginative Venexx, that could easily be the name of an Ivy like villian in a Batman knockoff TV Show.

It took a year and a half for Munich watch company Venexx to come with the Perfume Watch. Yes! - a watch that carries a flacon inside.

At the back of the watch case, there's a tiny tank to be filled with your favourite scent by using a funnel (comes with the watch). The content will last for approx. 60 uses.

Supreme sophistication: Venexx even made a special perfume that comes with each Perfume Watch.

The guys who read this blog might turn green with envy. No stress, mates, all watches are unisex!

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