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December 21, 2004

Ministry of Sound STIKAX

Stikax_1Here's an interesting little idea. Ministry of Sound has just launched the STICKAX, which is a handheld music and movie mixer for homes users.
It's bascially a redesigned mouse that lets you create music, remix tracks and sample songs using click, drag and drop functions. You can also fiddle with music videos and home movies. The TRAKAX software is
designed to make it all nice and easy for people withouth editing experience. The plug and play STIKAX comes with 450 "dance/techno/rock/hip-hip" CD-quality music loops so you can enjoy a spot of armchair Producing. We're told that the system of 10 buttons and LED light beam lets you trigger any combination of music or videos on screen, all without having to touch your keyboard. More than one STIKAX can be used at the same time so you can have a little mixing party for all your mates without rowing about hose go it is to be Oakenfold.

It'll set you back £89.


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