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January 18, 2005

Apple gouging Europeans on the Mac mini?

Mac mininicollette sheridan

Apple’s not the only company that charges more in Europe for their products than they do in the US—obviously local market conditions, taxes, and other variations in the cost of doing business mean that different countries will have different prices for the same products—but a lot of European Apple fans are peeved that they will have to pay a lot more for the world’s “most affordable Mac” than their American counterparts (recall that Apple’s been slammed before for charging Brits more for iTunes Music Store downloads than they charge everyone else, too). For example, when it comes out, customers in the UK will have to pay £339 ($632) for the version of the Mac mini which costs $499 in the US; in Germany the cost is even higher at €489, or $636.  So have these disgruntled consumers launched a boycott or organized a sit-in at the Apple Store in London? Nah, instead they’ve chosen to employ the most effective method of protest known to man—an online petition asking them to lower their prices. Best of luck with that!angelina jolie

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