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January 28, 2005

Night Photography

This free lesson assumes the student has some knowledge in practical photography (equivalent to a pass level in our Basic Photography course).

If you like what you see in this lesson, but cannot understand all the information given, enroll in our Basic Photography course and get all the help and encouragement you need! All our courses enjoy tutor assisted learning so you are never left alone wondering what it all means.

Once the sun has set many photographers will pack away their cameras and go home. They are missing out capturing some of the most stunning and visually exciting images to be had (fig n-1).

Throughout our courses we emphasise the importance of light for the photographic image. This does not mean that if there is no daylight, there are no good photos to be captured.

Taking photographs at night is a lot simpler to achieve then one might think. The results can be very stunning and strange effects are easy to master. It is also possible to take top quality night images with just basic equipment.

Here we have some guidelines on the possibilities open to us with night photography.


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